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Hello I am new to the whole Forum thing so here it gos. Im an American high school student that has always dreamed of moving and to Europe. I was wondering if joining the US millitary would offer me an opprotunity to do so. Im sure I could spend some time in Europe with the millitary but I wonder about what Europeans think about Americans. I have grown tired of the American lifestyle and do not want to become some suberban cubical worker. I'd like very much to own a B&B when I grow older and meet new people.

I also like the fact that no one will know me where ever I go and here in the US I've gotten a reputation with my friends and family as the soft spoken big guy. just to let you know I'm 6'7" tall or about two meters I guess would be the European way to say it and Im extreamly shy. so I guess it probably doesn't make sense that I want to meet new people because I am so shy but I really do love the experiance of meeting new people I just don't show it as well as others. I can tell you right now I will not just move right to Europe I will visit it first and confirm how much I like it but I really look forward to becoming a citizen of the European continent.

Sincerly: Matthew

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Hi Matthew,

If you read threw some of the threads you’ll see that there quite a few shy people on TP who love travelling. It gives you the freedom to be who you want to be and not as your family or friends deem you to be.

I don’t know anything about the US army (except from stories and newspapers and you can’t always believe the media) so for that I can’t say.

But on the moving to Europe, if you took a few months out to travel around it, taking bar work or menial tasks to make up your budget as you went you should try to see a few key countries and not the whole thing. In my opinion if you see too many countries in a short space of time, you’re going to be knackered and not really have the time to appreciate any of them.

Do you know what type of work you would like to do ? This may help if picking countries as some jobs are more plentiful then others, just an idea did you ever think about doing TEFL, this qualification means that you could teach English as a foreign language, it could open a few doors in countries and if you are trying to teach others to communicate it may break the shyness barrier as well,

Don’t forget that you could try out many jobs and countries before deciding on one….

Have fun ,……..


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Hi Matthew,
As far as attitudes towards the American Military go I would say there is a stereotype of them being very arrogant and there is some resentment towards. However that might just might be feelings that I have picked up from my student friends and because I hate all forms of military but that doesn't mean I hate the people just the idea of war etc. Anyway I am rambling on now!
What I want to say is don't join the military unless you want to for other reasons than seeing Europe because you can go there anyway. As for attitudes to Americans in general I can't see why you would have problems. I would think problems would arise if you yourself had a bad attitude to the countries you were visiting (and you could be from any nationality to be like that) and as i'm sure you don't then I wouldn't worry!

Also I think it is really good that you intead to visit Europe first before you make any kind of move. As you mentioned you are in High school, if you wanted to carry on your studies you could maybe go to a Europen University. At my uni we have people transfer over for one semester but you could probably do it for a year and go to any country in Europe, then you would really get a taste for living there.

I hope this makes sense and that you make it to Europe soon, don't forget to include England on your European travels!
Tiger x