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can anyone recomend me a good two day desert safari in morocco? whats the nicest spot to see dunes and perhaps beduin life? thanks...

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marrakesh is the best place to see all the traditional old life of morroco

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The best desert safaris in Morocco is Merzouga its where you could see the nomads life ( bedouin) and enjoy overthere , not in Marrakech becoz its only a big city .but Merzouga its the desert area where you can ride camells , drink mint-tea .and lay on golden sands and dunes , there is alot to see and visit right there , the life os people is very simple , there are berber tribs and they are welcomed ones , in addition to that , there are hotels and small hotel named as "auberges" .
The dunes of Merzouga, Erg Chebbi Dunes are a natural oasis which by word means a remote area of vegetation in a desert, usually nearby a natural spring or water source. Ancient stories tell that the creation of the biggest dunes of Morocco, Erg Chebbi, come up by God's punishment of local wealthy families that although having a festivity eating couscous, meat, fruit, washing hands with milk, while having a prosper and enormous feast, refused to help a poor woman and her children and let them come into the party. From that time on and until the dunes got their permanent form, continuous sand storms and extreme heat brought sand at what are today's serene dunes of Erg Chebbi, that arrive at its highest point at 160m altitude. In the summer this is the ideal place to relax in the shade or alleviate yourself from rheumatism with a sand hot bath, where you stay covered by pure sand for a few moments.
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The dunes at Merzouga are spectacular; the highest in Morocco. That said, it's a slightly isolated island of sand, and it is now very popular with Spanish 4x4's, quad bikes etc. Personally, whilst Merzouga is still a great experience, I'd say you will get a better grasp of the Sahara at Erg Chegaggi. It's much harder to get to (beyond M'hamid) but much more tranquil and much more of the endless 'sand sea' that most people expect from the Sahara.

If you are limited to Merzouga, make sure you visit the remoter, Eastern side of the dunes. You may be lucky enough to encounter some genuine nomads. There are no Bedouin in Morocco, and the Tuareg exist only in the extreme south, around the Mauritanian border and in the old Western Sahara. Desert dwellers in Morocco are generally Sahari, an Arab race that may have originated in Yemen. They speak a dialect closer to classical Arabic than Morocco's normal darija.

Remember this when some caramel skinned, blue-robed guide tells you he's a Tuareg in Marrakech! Tuaregs where called the 'blue men' as the indigo dye in their robes isn't fixed well and turns the skin blue; combined with their very dark skins a really frightening combination for their enemies!

Be careful with sand baths; there have been rumours of people being cooked to death in the summer...

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I have heard Merzouga is probably the best place to catch the dunes, but when I was in Morocco I went to Zagora. One night and two days was sufficient. Got to ride on a camel, got to see the nomadic people, spent the night under the stars, what a time we had!

Only issue with this was the length of time it took to get there. Including breaks about 8 hours or so from Marrakech. we went with a group, so we had fun all the way there and back. Good luck!!

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Supratours to ourizazate then to Zagora, actually tagounite...very few people,tourists as merzouga is the most popular..Great scenery on the way there too..