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I have started planning my first trip to Australia for this coming year. I have a place to stay and a valid passport so those things are covered but I need some help with everything else... flights, visa, money etc. (I might like to work a little bit while I am there) Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi Lisa,

As a citizen of Canada, you are eligible to apply for the working holiday maker visa that allows you to work while holidaying in Australia.


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A WHV (working holiday visa) is what you need, if you're 18-30 you should have no problems getting one from Canada, no idea where you're starting from but most of the larger hostels have job clubs, and direct contact with local employment agencies, also travellers contact point (not related to here) dymock building, george st, Sydney has a floor donated to work advice! shop around for everything (internet access, tours etc) price varies, as does quality! Greyhound depots are a great place to meet other travellers, pick up do/don't tips.
Some Perth hotels have longtime stay policies, 'mountway appartments' being one, it looks like a hotel from the outside/website but many backpackers crash in 'oneroomstayslongtime'!
When you reach Sydney a lot of "experienced" travellers stay in Manly or Coogee, kings cross is a real dive! Glenferrie lodge (north shore) used to be popular with north Americans but recent price hikes have put people off, they have very clean rooms but even cleaner cockroaches (they're in the showers 24/7)! check out the travel-pass fares on local transport, especially when you first arrive, as people always travel round alot and spend twice as much as they should/could. blah blah blah

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How long will you have to spend in Australia? When will you be coming to Australia ie what month?

If you are talking about flights from Canada to Australia I can't help at all, but if you are talking about flights within Australia, Jetstar, Virgin Blue and for some areas Tiger Airways are all cheap ways to fly between major cities. With Australia being such a large country getting budget flights can be a good way to cut down your amount of overland travel if you are pressed for time.

I don't know what you want to know about money, but $50US a day is enough to have a good time and see a fair bit if you stay in hostels. If you are working then you could reduce this amount seeing you'd not have time to enjoy your time much during work days.

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Thanks for the help guys. I would probably be staying there for about 2-4 months and that probably isn't enough time to work anyway but I want to have the option just in case. About how long does it take to receive a visa after applying for one? Or does it all depend on where you live and all that?

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If you apply online, its done really quickly, mine got processed in 2hrs :)

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