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1. Posted by PORCH715 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone! I'm a 22/F from New York and am planning to go to Europe in the summer 2005. I have nothing set yet, but I have to go to Portugal to connect with my roots. Other than that, I'm up for anything. My friends aren't into this type of travel (they prefer hotels and stiletto shoes-ouch!), so I'm stuck going solo. I'd like some company for safety reasons and it'll be more fun anyway. I'm not difficult or stubborn and am very friendly, so if anyone is interested let me know. This will be my first time, so all suggestions and helpful tips are welcomed. Thanks and good luck on all your plans as well! -Erika-

2. Posted by laginha (Budding Member 6 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hello, we are a couple from Portugal, willing to meet you and take you to some places. Let us know.

We are in Algarve.

3. Posted by elfman (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm 31 old male from Szczecin Poland. My girlfriend and I love travel and meet new people. We were a lot of places in the world especially europe(US, UK, Greece, Turkey, France,Spain, Italy, Croatia, Nederland, Germany and more). We will join you during your trip or you could visit us in Poland. Poland is a beautiful country but most people don't know about it.

4. Posted by laginha (Budding Member 6 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi, well, we are not thinking about travelling to Poland... but if you come to Portugal, we would be interested in a meeting. Let us know.

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6. Posted by justin25 (Budding Member 3 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hey, sounds good. I'm a 25 year old film student looking to travel Europe, early June to late september 2005. First time so I would love to meet up with others to make my first experience that little bit more enjoyable. Feel free to get in touch and we can get to know more about each others plans.

7. Posted by oscar5453 (Full Member 70 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!


I plan to go backpacking all of Europe AGAIN next year. I went this past spring and it was great! I loved it. I am a 24 year old student from California that loves to travel. I went with a friend last time and even managed a week in Egypt from Greece. I would really love to go again this comming year but in a group this time to share our experiences togothere. I think it would be great to get a group togothere that will stick togothere through the whole trip. Last time I went for two months. If you are serious I wuold love to get a serious group togothere.....I love outdoor activities, exploring the outdoors and new countries, meeting new people and cultures and its history. You can email me at if anyone is serious to start planning a trip. I really had fun in Ibiza Island last time I went and would love to go back and spend a few more days there.


8. Posted by EuroTrvlr (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I'm planning to travel to Europe in the summer of 2005 too. I have been to part of England and France before, so I am hoping to explore other countries! However, I can only visit for 3 weeks. I travelled solo last time, but would like to travel with someone this time.

I'm 33 yo, born and raised in Hong Kong but currently live in the US.

Feel free to email me if you're interested! Hope to meet up with some of you!!


9. Posted by Deeyebrow (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi im a 21/m from wales.

I've just recently sold my house and im planning on going on a huge expedition around the world starting summer 2005. I plan to start my trip by seeing as much as europe as possible then i'm going to see the rest of the world. I plan to be going for 1 year minimum i've never done anything like this before so it would be nice to meet up with a group for the obvious reasons. If anyone would like to contact me my email address is, hope to hear from you soon.


10. Posted by Seanvb (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi all. I (29 M from Sydney Australia) am planning on travelling to Europe in July, just for 5 weeks. Backpacking for me, for both financial reasons, and because I like it that way better anyway.
I was going to be travelling with someone, but i think that will have fallen through.... hmmm.... And so now am here to find any person(s) interested in seeing Germany, Holland and Switzerland. That was my original plans, however, as i have nothing planned definately (except for landing in Frankfurt and leaving from there) I am reasonably flexible so far as itinerary is concerned :) It would be just fun to meet a few good people who are interested in Travel, languages, and history..... or just having a good time. More fun that travelling alone. I guess, this is just a feeler to see if there is any interest for mid july to mid august 2005.