Are hostels safe in Asian countries?

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My friend and I are planning a trip around Asia for a couple months in December. We're both girls. Most likely we'll be staying at hostels. Are hostels safe in Asian countries? Can females travel around Asia alone? Is it safe to travel alone?

Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thansk!

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It depends on what part of Asia you are talking about. It is a rather large continent and every country presents a different situation.
If you are talking about Southeast Asia - then it is perfectly safe for females to travel around on their own, and it is done everyday by thousands of them. It goes without saying of course, that in every country in the world, including your own, you take normal common sense precautions to keep yourself safe - like don't walk down dark alleys at 3am, don't flaunt expensive looking jewelery, etc... If you take these precautions and use your head, than Southeast Asia can be one of the safest regions of the world to travel in. If this is the region you are going, than most likely you will NOT be staying in hostels. Hotels and guesthouses are so cheap (usually under $10 for a double) that hostels aren't very common. Hotels in every tourist town that you'll visit will be plentiful and generally very safe.
Once you get up to Eastern Asia - like China and Japan, things start to became a little more expensive and therefore hostels are more common. I haven't been to Japan yet (leave in 12 days), but every hostel I've stayed at in China has been great and very safe and I imagine would be for females as well. These countries, though may be difficult to travel in because of language difficulties (especially in china), aren't particularly unsafe.
If you are talking about the Indian subcontinent - the situation is closer to Southeast Asia. Things are so cheap that you'll never have to stay in a hostel. It's a very safe region to travel in, but females in particular have to take extra precautions to ward off potential hassles.
If you are thinking of heading to Central Asia, well sorry, can't help you with that.

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Thank you..

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In SEA, Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia, be more careful when you walk on a street.
And do not go out alone when its over midnight.
And also be aware of pickpockets.
Hostels in SEA are mostly safe for foreign tourists. Dont worry about it.

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Hello Ishipatel:)

In Asia, u can stay in hotel and guesthouses, as well as hostels.
They are often not expensive at all.
Yes, hostels are usually safe. Still, be careful about what u leave around. Theft is common, in hostels everywhere.
Yes, of course females can travel around Asia alone. I have done so, periodically, during the last 10 years.

I suggest u get the Lonely Planet books, for the countries u want to travel in. There is one that covers all the Countries in SE Asia and one that covers the countries of Central Asia, and one that covers India etc. The Lonely Planet books are available in most book shops, around the world, at a cost of around 26 Euros each. They are worth the investment, for the information they give about accomodation, transport, money, safety etc.


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If you travel Bangladesh, you can be sure that you will remain safe. Because Bangladeshies obey women & foreigners. You can stay in any hotel safely.