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This fall Im entering college and I will be going year around so I can graduate between now and spring 2010. After I get done with college I want to travel so I can see the world and help people.

While in Africa I plan to go from the south and work my way up:
South Africa---->Namibia-----> Botswana----->Mozambique----->Tanzania----->Kenya----->Egypt
I picked these places as I have read they are the best places for safaris. If thier are any other places I should go around them for safaris please suggest them. The plan is to spend a week or two on safari and then a week exploring on my own, in each of these places I stop.

While in China I have no clue what Im going todo. I just want to see the Great Wall Of China, and the classic outside China that you always see in paintings. So if anyone has any ideas of what I could do please share them.. If anyone has any routes please feel free to share.

While in Australia I plan to explore the outback. Although I want to travel the whole country. If anyone has any sample routes please share them. Also I was thinking about maybe working some odd jobs to earn extra money if I want to or need too.

While in New Zealand I plan to do every extreme sports they have to offer and I want to travel the whole country. If anyone has any routes please share them.

I want to help ppl so I might volunteer some places, but I also want adventure. I want to get certified in scuba diving and sky diving. I want to see the Big African 5 and learn to surf.

I dont want to stay in 5 star hotels but I also dont want to stay with hobos... So how much money would everyone suggest I would need to save. My parents said they would pay for half if I graduate college first. My plan is to get a babysitting job this year and buy stock with that money and invest it...

I dont really have to stay in those places that length of time, I justdont want to be rushed. I was also thinking of either Japan, France, or Spain instead of China.... But I think that Im more worried about the cleanliness and food... But any suggestions would be great.. I kinda want it to be around a year, so I wanted to be somewhere kinda nice for christmas..



New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand


2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Apart from Egypt I haven't been to any of the African countries you mention so I can't really comment on those except for the fact you mention safaris. If you chose Egypt for safaris you are going to be very dissapointed. You must plan on having hundreds of thousands of dollars if you are planning on going on many safaris, because some of the reasonable safaris I have seen in travel brochures cost more than a trip to Antarctica, so they aint cheap at all.

In China when I was there in 2005 a budget of $30US a day was enough to allow for hostels and an odd cheap tour from hostels, so if you want to upgrade a bit $50US a day should get you some reasonable non hostel style accommodation.

In Australia a budget of $50US a day will get you hostel style accommodation plus see a fair bit and have a good time (as long as you don't plan on going out and getting drunk every night). If you want hotels you'd need to add at least another $20US on to that.

In New Zealand it will depend greatly as to how much you want to see and do. To have a decent time $50US a day should do in most places, but if Queenstown is on your list and you wish to do any of the activities there you'll need to add quite a bit of money on to that budget.

Japan is a great country but if budget is what you are wanting it isn't cheap at all.

All these figures are of current value, so by the time 2010 comes around those will probably be outdated so you'd need to ask people a lot closer to the time but just save, save and save as much as you possibly can until you go!

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What about tours like these:


If I did those wouldnt I get the better bang for the buck??!!

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4. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

You would get better value of tours like the ones going from Egypt to South Africa or some other North African country to South Africa. I've seen a couple of tours advertised in an Australian travel brochure and they are for 22 or 31 weeks and go from Europe down Western Africa to South Africa and then for the 31 week tour you then go up Eastern Africa as far as Kenya. Those tours are $7490AUD for the 31 week tour ($170AUD a week) and $5250AUD ($239AUD a week) for the 22 week one. That price includes all accommodation but it is camping for the most part but even so $170AUD which is approx $145US a week is pretty good going for almost everything included.

What I was refering to with Egypt not being a good place as far as safaris go is the fact that when people talk about Africa and mention safaris in the same conversation, they are generally associated with the African wildlife ie seeing lions, rhinoceros, elephants, giraffes etc. In Egypt you are most likely not going to see any interesting wildlife at all let alone go on a any sort of wildlife safari. Egypt is almost always travelled to because of its history not because of its wildlife (or lack of), but it is an interesting place to visit and is especially nice to do a felucca trip up or down the Nile River from Aswan-Luxor or vice versa. When in Egypt that is a must do if at all possible.

Be aware though that seeing you are planning a long way in advance prices may very well rise quite a bit in that time. I know that not long after I travelled to Egypt in 2005 the prices to tourist attractions rose 50% in one hit so things might not just rise by a little but could be by a lot.

Something else relating to your original post, if you do stick with China, when you visit the Great Wall be sure to go and do the day hike from Jinshaling to Simatai parts of the wall. That is a very nice walk and is a great part of the wall to walk along instead of the very touristy section known as Badaling.

Also travelling all of Australia in 2 months is not going to happenabout the only way you would see all states in that short amount of time is to take a flight between all the capital cities and then you'd only be seeing capitals not all of Australia. That is like saying I am planning on seeing all of the main part of USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) in 2 months, that'd be a rediculous idea. If outback Australia is what you'd most like to see, I think that a more realistic goal would be to fly in to Perth, go up the Westcoast of Australia across to Darwin, through the Northern Territory/Red Centre and down through South Australia until you go to Adelaide. Then have your flight leaving from Melbourne or Sydney which you can get a reasonably cheap flight from Adelaide to Melbourne or Sydney using Jetstar, Virgin Blue or maybe by then Tiger Airways will operate services between there as well. If by some chance you were to see all of Australia in 2 months, you would have either flown between all capital cities or driven almost 24/7 your entire trip.

Have a wicked trip when it comes around.

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Welcome to China. But I have to say 2 months is not enough for you to see the great mountains and rivers in China. Anyway, I'd like to offer help if you need in China. Hope you like the great country.

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