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I'm in Perth at the moment and have travelled West and East coast of Australia. I leave Perth at the end of October and want to travel to Alice Springs (Uluru, Kings Canyon etc) and Adelaide to Melbourne.

Any suggestions on a route?

I will be travelling with a friend and we thought about flying Perth to Alice Springs, doing a tour Alice down to Adelaide and then driving Adelaide to Melbourne, however if it was feasible driving from Perth to Alice Springs we would rather do that and spend some time down Margaret river, Albany, Esperence etc.

Our budgets are quite tight, as is time, maybe $2000 each for the whole trip and about 3-4weeks to do it in.

Please help!

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Why drive from perth to alice? it's so damn boring!! and you would have to double back on yourselves to get to adelaide, if you were still alive! better fly to alice do a greyhound alice-uluru-olga's tour then down to adders, coopers OK but so hot and dusty, i liked port augusta, and the wadlatta outback centre is excellent.

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Theres a lotta repeating vegetation but youll see some amazing wildlife that you wont see if you fly over it.

I personally did it in June this year. Was working on a farm near albany so went down there for a weekend and then spent a week and few days along towards margaret river and up into perth before heading to mt magnet, across to leonara, then up the dirt road, but id say it is really rough for a 2WD which i did it in. Im sure a lotta people i met thought i was crazy - think it kinda was myself a bit , but i couldnt go back on it once id started.

Id say do it for sures but make sure its a damn reliable car - mine was a toyota camry and it took me through no probs but theres absolutely no services out there , there will be petrol all along, so no need even to bring a jerry can. I did though.

Give yourself plenty of time to do it - i did it in 6 days from perth to adelaide and even that was driving all day every day to make it to Uluru and Alice on a Wed after leaving on the monday. Thats the hardest part cause its 1000ks of dirt. and your supposed to be only doing 60 or 80 kmph max. I did 110 because i had to. But mad really. But one of the nicest and most tourist free drives ive ever done. '- do it. go on.

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oh i forgot to mention i had budgeted $1000 for it. and it took pretty much $700 of it on fuel alone. Didnt leave much for food or accomodation (even better if you can sleep in the car but itll be cold make sure you have blankets as well as sleeping bags). Accomodation out there is generally $50 pp pn in a bunk or cabin thingy. some maybe more. one guy i got to on the tjukayirla roadhouse was asking $90 and i made out i didnt have that by giving him a tight wallet look and he immediatley came down to $50 for the night. it was that or sleeo in the bush with no blankets. i didnt wanna die.

Well here go for it and have fun, you will love it seriously.