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hey there

i am just wondering if anyone has had any luck hitch hiking in australia
specifically i want to get from adelaide to sydney, whether this means going by the coast and stopping in melbourne if this is necessary

has anyone done anything remotely similar to this?

on a similar note, does anyone know about freight trains in australia, whether it is possible to find out their routes and times, and perhaps hitch a ride on one of these?

any feedback would be great cheers

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Can't help much, but you should be able to fly using Jetstar or Virgin Blue a lot cheaper than you would getting a train. Freight trains from what I have heard would not accept passengers (maybe you could try the Prison Break TV show escape plot by jumping on a moving frieght train:).

Passenger trains operate between the cities you want, but they aren't particularly cheap. You can do a google search for Great Southern Railway and find the site for most the long distance passenger train journies that operate in Australia. I think that the Indian Pacific is the train that Operates between Perth and Sydney going via Adelaide. The Overlander I am pretty sure goes between Adelaide and Melbourne and then you'd need to get another train to Sydney from there (or fly).

You could possibly hitch hike, but I personally wouldn't because you may find that you are walking for days and days whilst getting lifts for bits and pieces of the journey and sleeping next to the highway all for saving something like $150AUD or less if you got a cheaper flight.

Something similar happened to me one time in Hawaii where I missed the bus and had to hitch hike between Kona and Hilo (a lot smaller distance than Adelaide-Sydney) and it took about 30km of walking with a 75 litre backpack and a smaller backpack and about 6 lifts along the way to finally travel the 99 miles between Kona and Hilo. The people on Hawaii are far more relaxed and easy going/likely to pick up hitch hikers than the people in Australia who 999 out of 1000 times will just go past someone with a backpack which could contain anything. If you had no luggage you'd have a much better chance of hitching a lift, but even then you may still have a long wait between lifts. You might find some people at a hostel who are planning to drive from Adelaide-Melbourne to go along the Great Ocean Road, but I doubt they'd be doing the Adelaide-Sydney route direct.

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I am your saviour and i'm gonna save you a fortune. If you want to get from city to city down under the cheapest way to travel is to use a campervan, 4x4 or whatever using a site called

This company may have too many vehicles in Cairns and not enough in Brisbane, so instead of using employees to drive the vehicles back to where they need to be they use travellers. They give extremely cheap rates, typically $5 / day. Plus they will give you petrol expenses. The only down side is that you are given a period of time in which to deliver the van to the destination city so theres not much time left for sightseeing. However, if you're main priority is just about getting from a to b as cheaply as possible then accept no substitute.

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you truly are my saviour
i really appreciate that reply, that is a brilliant idea

so basically on the site i just look at the one way rentals?
i already see some fantastic deals , ie 5 dollars a day, 1600 km petrol moolah, 5 days allowed

this sort of thing is awesome

once again thanks a lot and you really have given me hope for my mega tight budget