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what are the must do's up the coast apart from fraser and whitsundays??
im thinkin of planning a trip rafting, sky diving etc.
magnetic beach??? full moon patry????
also wheres the best suba places??
any info would be great,

ps anyone up there around sept give me a buzz if you fancy a beer.

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Hey Scotty,

It's been a while since I travelled there, but I don't think there is such thing as a full moon party in Australia, just on koh pha ngan, Thailand (but there might be some copied version now in Oz too of course...).

I did some rafting up near Cairns and loved it! So, I'd recommend that but I'm not an expert in rafting and experienced rafters might find it a walk in the park rafting on that river. Not sure, but if you haven't done it much it's fun :)

The divers I've talked to tend to say the further north you go, the better the diving gets (on the southern hemisphere of course). Something to do with warmer waters, more coral etc. So try and dive out of Cairns, you'll have an amazing experience!!

I can also recommend the Whitsundays and Fraser. Magnetic is probably beautiful as well, but I never made it there. A little visited island that was quite worth visiting was Lady Elliot island, but I think it's harder to get there at an affordable rate than some of the other islands off the coast.

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Well, of course the Cape Tribulation area and a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is nice.
Although I am biased and have only been to this part of the eastcoast, I thought the area between Cairns and Cape Tribulation was just great. Port Douglas, Mosman Gorge and the other two sights I mentioned are beautiful.

Although I haven't been there, I would stay away from the Goldcoast/Sunshine Coast/Surfers Paradise etc etc and all those places with names that make my stomach hurt;)

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It depends what you are interested in as to what is a must see or must not see. Despite what Utretch says places like Surferes Paradise can be pretty good but it depends on the time of the year and what you are keen on. If you are asking about a Full Moon Party I would assume you'd be in to the party/clubbing scene and well Surfers Paradise is really great for that stuff. If you want to try your hand at Surfing it is also a really great place, but if you want to get away from the hoards of tourists then it is a place to avoid because they are everywhere almost all year round. Some really good beaches are in that region. Sunshine Coast is really nice if you want to get away from it all and have a relaxing time (you can also see the zoo Steve Irwin started up/Australia Zoo). Noosa is a really nice spot to spend a few days relaxing.

For Sky Diving I did it just outside of Surfers Paradise through Skydive Queensland not sure if any other companies operate. It certainly wasn't cheap, but it was one of the most amazing things I've ever done so you should do it. The location was a few hours drive from Surfers Paradise with not much anywhere close to the area, but you can spend considerably more money and do it over Surfers Paradise (or at least you could when I did Sky Diving around 2003 or somewhere near there). If you are in to adrenalin things Surfers Paradise has this really cool park right in the city where you can go on a thing called the Fly Coaster where you get hoisted up to the top of this pole and you pull a cord and free fall for a couple of seconds before starting to swing over the road backwards and forwards until you eventually come to a stop. That place also has a thing called the Vomitron (the name was enough to put me off going on it but after watching the way it operates it looked like the name suited what you'd do), it has another called the Swing Shot where you sit on seats in this metal ball and get slung like a sling shot high and fast in the air reaching about 5G's. In that park if you are game enough you can also go Bungy Jumping and it has even more things than those already mentioned. Not far from Surfers Paradise you can also go Zorbing which looks pretty cool but haven't gone yet. In Brisbane I went Rap Jumping (running down a building face first) which was preety amazing, but I think that has stopped happening now and they are operating from a hostel in Melbourne.

Like you are already planning the Whitsundays is a must and if you can hire a car you can do a nice driving holiday around the Airlie Beach area as well as seeing many of the Whitsunday Islands (which will make you poor very quickly if you see many of them and stay on them as budget hotels are almost non existant on all of the islands).

Cairns is where a lot of tourists consider a must see, but I personally don't think it is all that exciting, but you can do some nice things around the general area like what Utrecht has mentioned. Diving or Snorkelling from the Cairns area for the Great Barrier Reef is also really good and arguably the best in the world. Don't expect any of this stuff to be cheap, because it will hurt your bank balance a lot! You can also do Bungy Jumping up in Cairns and I'm not 100% sure but you could possibly also do Sky Diving there which would be good.

I've never heard of a Full Moon Party in Australia (not that one may not exist somewhere in Australia that I haven't heard of yet), the closest thing in Australia I have heard of is the Staircase to the moon festival which is held in Broome on the West Coast of Australia in the dry season when the fool moon happens and the moon reflects in the water and mud flats making the illusion that it has steps leading all the way up to the moon.

Have a great trip.

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Magnetic Island has full moon parties!!