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I think , it is very well if we know about cultural of countries,
so , help together for knowing it better.

Do you know people of which countries, will wear white clothes for death day ?
I know ,Indians will wear white clothes when a person dies , i dont know why ?
But Iranian will wear black clothes for that , because death will part us from our dears,however we know that we will start new life after death.
How is it in your country ????
Thanks for your answering ,my friends;)

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in Thailand, people wear Black when a person dies too....
In Malaysia, there are lots of Race and Religions,...
So there are lots of cultures....
Most of the chinese will wear white to respect the one who had already passed away. And have to continue wearing until 100 days. Can't shave or cut our hair within the 100 days and also if possible, do not visit people's home within that days. If a celebration like Chinese New Year falls between the 100 days, we are not going to celebrate it... (Well can still receive ANGPAO but can't give it away coz we dont want to give out bad luck away to other people as well)....
I am sure in other places in Malaysia, there are different ways of people to respect their family members who had alredy passed away.

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White for weddings and black for funerals. And anytime after Labour Day.

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Clean underwear in case you're in an accident and you are rushed to hospital. OK, didn't all mothers say that?

Or, a New Orleans funeral march starts out somber, but moves into a jazzy, music-filled celebration of the deceased ones life. It's a nice send-off.

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Either that or they've just bumped off another British spy.