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Im travelling to Oz in September and hoping to stay a minimum of 6 weeks. I will have some internal flights and planning to stay in hostels (hopefully to meet other lone travellers)! Can anyone tell me how much cash I'm gonna need and the best way to take it with me? The Lonely Planet book suggests $100 Australian a day (but its quite an old edition) does that sound reasonable? And is it a good idea to live off a Visa/Mastercard? Can I use these in hostels/bars etc? Any advice much appreciated,

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That amount should still be applicable if you don't go over the top with things like alcohol and doing expensive tours (also that amount would have to not include the expenses of those internal flights). Visa and Mastercard are readily acceptable in most places and where they aren't you can always go to a nearby ATM and do a cash advance with the creditcard (not a good idea for bank fees as you'll most likely get ripped off something terrible with extremely high interest unless you loaded up your creditcard with your own money). Whether or not you can use your creditcard in a bar would depend on which bar and where. I know that some bars locally will not accept credit cards but then others locally will. I haven't stayed at many hostels in Australia but all hostels I have stayed at in Australia have accepted mstercard/visa but I do have an Australian mastercard/visa so it may be different for an overseas mastercard/visa.

If you are a resident in the UK like your profile would suggest, from what I have read on various travel forums a Nationwide Flex account is meant to be the best for taking overseas with you. It supposedly is not meant to have any overseas withdrawal fees (or at least last time I heard it mentioned). So if you are still in the UK it may pay to look in to that account and put your money in to that. If you can avoid using credit it'd be a good idea for your future finances, because the last thing you need is to be in debt for the rest of your life fighting the rediculous interest that you get on creditcards.

When travelling overseas I withdraw using my normal debit card that has the Cirrus Maestro logos on the card. If your card has those logos on, you will easily be able to withdraw using it from almost any ATM. Some ATM's like at Petrol stations, in stores etc will charge you an extra fee for using it, but if you use the main banks ATM's you should only get fees that your bank at home sets for it.

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I have a Post Office card which like Nationwide attracts no overseas charges..just wanted to check that was the case! Figured it might be wise to put my savings on the card before I go then use it when I get there to save the expense of Travellers Cheques etc? Thankyou for your reply any info much appreciated! Anyone done this alone?

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:S Thats a bit worrying. I planned to spend AUD$50 per day. Im thinking now that I may need to budget a bit more. xox

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i would say $100 is about right - that would work out to be almost exactly what my trip worked out to be over the 3 months i was in oz. this was based on staying in dorms and generally cooking in hostels. obviously there are some days where you will spend nowhere near this and others where you will spend more if you book a flight/ tour etc. I wouldn't rely on your credit card everywhere but i used mine most of the time as i had an 'interest free on purchases' deal when i did a balance transfer.

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$100 is about right. Following costs are based on Melbourne at the moment (so Sydney a little higher, other places a little lower):
- Coffee $3
- Breakfast $5-$15
- Lunch $10-$20
- Dinner $10-$30
- Hostel Bed $30-$40
- Pot of beer $3-$4
- All day Met Ticket (all zones) $10
- Taxi ride to City from nearby suburbs $15-$25

Hope this helps!

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Yeah it all helps..
I'm v new to all this stuff, Big thankyou!