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Hello old buddies of TP!

This question is a little further than short trips... actually, it concerns studant visas and permits in France.
I've been in France for 1 month and I already have my "Demande de Carte de Séjour" (I will stay here for 15 months). The problem is that (I heard) that it is forbiden to leave the country before having the so-called "Carte de Séjour". Is it true? I found it quite strange.... only the "demande" should work!!
Well, if it is true, I shall be stuck here for the next 2 months more.... all work and no play!

Please, if someone have any advices, experience or is Sarkozy's friend, please help me!!!

all the best!

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A Carte de Sejour is a permit to live in France required by non-eu citizens including students. It must be applied for within a month of arrival and can take several months to obtain. I think you must remain in France to complete the formalities such as the Medical Examination and maybe several interviews at the Prefecture. Look at the website for further information. I'm afraid I know no more about the CDS

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Alright, during your first visit to la marie/prefecture to start the Titre/Carte de Sejour process, you should be given a small piece of paper called a recipassé which basically states that you have started the process for residency. Sometimes they don't give you this and you'll have to ask for it. A démande d'un CDS probably will be looked at the small way, so I think you are fine to leave France - are you planning on staying inside the EU? That would likely improve your chances of not having a re-entry dilemma. You can always go back to the prefecture and ask for a recipassé.
When I first moved to France, I took a trip to Amsterdam with only a démande d'un CDS and everything went problem free. We went by bus and they only looked at our passports. The american passport allows 3 months at a time inside the EU as a tourist. So even if you don't have the CDS paperwork with you, you should be just fine (are you bazilian? I don't know what those passport defaults are).

more info on this website. search for recipasse.