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We are looking to work for a couple of months in Oz, we are a bit lost, dont know where to start... wheather Sydney is too big and too expensive or would we be best heading up the east coast looking for work there...?
How are the hostels over there and how much are we looking to spend on a day to day basis...?

Thank you


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If you are coming to work for the purpose of saving money, then Sydney is definitely not a good idea because you'll definitely leave poorer than you came unless you find a full-time job and live in the really crummy hostels. Depending on what time of year you are coming then you may find work up the east coast. I know that at the moment they have some work for backpackers up in Cairns, but that is only at the moment. From about September-October they are beginning to put more staff on in retail stores right across Australia for the Christmas sales rush. Outside of those months you may be lucky and get a job quick, or it may take a while depending on your experience level in the field you are applying in.

I'm not sure what you are meaning with "how are the hostels over there". If you are meaning quality wise, well you get what you pay for. If you pay for the cheapest of the hostels, you will usually not get that great quality, but if you pay a bit more generally the quality is pretty reasonable by world standards. If you are talking for work, well I have no idea at all, so maybe someone else will be able to help there.

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hey, i spent two years in australia so i can be some help...

best place to work:perth. higher wages, everyone is always hiring, and cheaper to live than the east coast. i managed to save a lot of money, making 21$/hour. its not as exiting as the east coast though....

brisbane was also good for hospitality work, i was there around the christmas season (november to january) working for a recruitment company. i got so many job offers i had to turn half of them down. i was paid 17$/hour weekdays, 20$ and hour weekends. You may be able to find work on one of the many islands and smaller towns up the east coast, they often advertise with the recruitment companies where i found a job for a month in the whitsundays.

sydney and melbourn are great cities, but you'll have a harder time saving money: they're more expensive and full of backpackers looking for work. If however your looking for more office type work, these are the best cities to look.

Rural work is also a good possibility, but in my experience you're better off looking for work away from the east coast.

As for expenses it depends what level of comfort you like. If you're planning to stay in one place for a while and work you might want to consider a share house. usually you have 5-6 roomates, but you'll have you're own room. I paid 100$/ week for mine in cairns, and 95$/week in perth. A hostel will be around the 25$/night rate for a dorm. I spent 10$/week on food, but working for restaurants and casinos ect, usally means free food.

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Is working your only priority, and therefore does it not matter if you live in a city or in a small town?

Although the cities are more expensive places to live in, there is so much work of all types going in Sydney that you'd get yourself sorted for a job in a matter of days I'd imagine. Sure, it's more expensive but better than being in some rural backwataer that is cheaper to live in but has limited work prospects.

As Scarlette said, Perth is booming also. Great city, but rather isolated.