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Can anybody help me with this? I'm going to Ecuador September 16th to volunteer, and won't be leaving the country until around December 24th - this is obviously more than the 90 days Europeans are allowed to stay without applying for a visa. But it's only 8 or 9 days over. I was told by the not very friendly Ecuadorian Consulate man in Dublin that a few days over is ok, but any more than that and I should ask my volunteer organisation for a written letter, get a med and HIV test, police record cert, 150 euros etc etc and hand them all over to him for processing. Others have said don't bother; just go to the visa office in quito and get an extension when the time comes. He said this was an absolute no-no, but I suspect that's what the official line is. Any suggestions?? I can't leave Ecuador any earlier than Dec 23 or 24 by the way..

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You won't get an extension once you're in; to my understanding, if you intend to stay longer than 90 days, you're required to make the necessary visa arrangements in advance.

Just yesterday, we had a thread showing that the Ecuadorian authorities dó enforce these regulations, a brief overstay resulting in a hefty 200 dollar fine.

Don't take that risk; best play by the rules.

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Please do as Ecuadorian Colsulate says!!


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Thanks - confusing though, as the same question has an entirely different set of responses on these threads:
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No-one seems too phased - I think I'll be ok for my extra 7 days in the country...