Why dont foreigners carry enough money when they travel ?

Travel Forums General Talk Why dont foreigners carry enough money when they travel ?

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I am an Indian n I have often seen this several times when people tour india (from europe, states etc) they cum with hardly ne dosh ...dunt know why exactly...maybe they dunt wanna spend a lot or maybe they actually dunt have too much funds....whatever the reason maybe its actually their personal problemo but what happens cuz of this is that since they r on a frugal budget they cannot do all the things that a toursit shall do.....it is not even uncommon to see so many of them live like virtual paupers (no offence here please) when they cum down n they face so many freakin problems.....well i can certainly understand the plight of students who hardly have any dosh to do a lavish trip but leaving a few aside even blokes who are having decent jobs n a decent financial background ( or may be not) cum wid a similair mindset.

In contrast to this I have seen that whenever Indians have toured abroad in europe in north america n all across the globe I have seen them spend like bonkers even though a euro, pound and even a dollar is quite expensive for us compared to the conversion that you foreigners get when you convert ur money into indian rupees. (which is quite reasonable).I have yet to meet a foreigner to intends to spend without thinking 100 times (atleast)....i know money is important but not always.....it is fun to spend sumtimes on things u like without giving it a lot of thought (unlike foreigners).....its human nature i guess...

Trust me this is quite common here in expensive cities like mumbai (thats where i live), delhi and other cities n i feel that the conclusion that I have drawn bout this is that the foreigners dont have any investment plans, they dunt think of multiplying their money, since they leave their houses at 18 or 20 and are independent, it becomes all the more difficlut to manage their expenses, all of them are in service and not business and the salary income is all they survive on and get a nice pension plan when they retire so basically there is no revenue generation at all....whatever is earned is all spent away....woof...

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Totally agree, although I haven't been to India myself on the other hand. But I have seen it happen in lots of other countries as well, not only the young backpackers who saved a lot of money and are living on low daily budgets also people who are relatively wealthy but still don't like to spend to much money. Unfortunately the dutch are among the most greedy ones...;)

I guess when people from countries like India, but also China and Russia are able to travel they actually are extremely rich compared to other people in their countries. I mean, they have to pay the same amount on tickets, hotels and stuff, mostly in expensive countries in the US and Europe. I guess they have also more of a thing like 'hey, now I am rich and I can afford it'.

Personally, I think both throwing your money away too much and living on an extremely low budget when travelling can be somehow irritating. I travelled with people who really are looking for a 8 dollar hotel when they found a 9 dollar one. Of course, that is everybody's choice. So as far as those same travellers are not complaining about what they get for a few bucks I am fine....but unfortunately they do complain a lot

Well, I guess every person is unique in travelling, but what you were saying sounded exactly the way I see things a lot, but not always. There are people who are not rich but they travel and want to enjoy every single moment of it, visiting and doing things which cost money. Otherwise, it is such a waste of money of getting there in the first place if you have to live cheap once you are there.

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ya utretch.....im with you on what.......you have nailed the conversation that was initiated by me.....dunt know why but I feel terrible when I see such wonderful travellers from beautiful countries live this lifestyle when they travel overseas......

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Asian backpackers are unique entities.
I never saw an Asian backpacker in the dorm rooms I've stayed in Southeast Asia.

People in the developing countries who travel ussually hail from super rich who dont have much time to shop around for practical options. They would take package tours that last for 3 days and pay to stay worry free.

As for the East Asians, they ussually travel by groups in tourist buses, armed with their digital cameras and a hat.