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Do backpackers travel with CREDIT CARDS???

Travel Forums Travel Gear Do backpackers travel with CREDIT CARDS???

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11. Posted by kezin (Budding Member 107 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Quoting soupatrvlr

regardless of what type of currency i'm traveling with, cc/travelers checks/cash, i don't keep everything in one place. and if i'm unusually concerned, i'll sleep with my money belt on.

- Has anyone besides me ever run into the following situation: You are sharing a dorm in a hostel with other travellers. Names and positive cordialities have been observed and exchanged; yet there is still some ambiguity experienced internally in respect to possibility of theft. Everybody in the room WANTS to trust everyone else, but hey, all it takes is one thief to screw things up, and reasonably that could be any one of you, unfortunately. There are no lockers in the room. There ARE lockers downstairs or somewhere else in the building but A: there are none available, all in use, or B: they calculate how much you owe by the hour and are unreasonably exspensive, or C: the lockers in use have a history themselves of having been vandalized, broken into, etc. There is a 'baggage room' but security to that room is, as well, an issue. So you wear a money- belt. But your fellow dormers, or one of them, sees the thing when you are climbing into your bunk at night; or you sleep with your pack next to you in the bed itself! Or you sleep with ALL YOUR CLOTHES ON! Or, most ridiculous of all, you put small valuables into your shoes and then sleep with the shoes next to you in bed! The fact is: on a recent trip I shared a dorm with what I deemed to be a really great and seemingly trustworthy bunch of international travellers. But I made the mistake of leaving a small bag with some minor possessions in the dorm one day while I was out. I later returned to find my 'friends' had checked out, and one of them had helped himself to my bag. Believe me, that hurt.

12. Posted by vxmike (Budding Member 64 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I put as many expenses as possible on credit card when I travel:

1) I want the airline miles/points. Same reason I do all my local spending on CCs as well.

2) The exchange rate is almost always superior to exchanging cash despite any extra fees.

3) You get an extra month or so worth of interest in the bank, since you don't actually have to pay the CC until the bill comes in versus a cash purchase.

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