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11. Posted by Wonkerer (Respected Member 592 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Helen, Isa at least is a nice answerer of questions. I wouldn't be afraid around her - you gotta watch out for beerman though;)

In addition to what Isa said I'll add this info from my internet perusals: Poison Ivy is caused by an oil or such on the plant. It won't appear until 12-48 hours later. If you don't get all the "oil" off your skin, clothes, etc. it can get worse and move around. It can be hard to get it all washed off though, especially if you didn't know that you got into it Poison Ivy normally lasts about 2-3 weeks, but almost never less than 1 week. It is definitely no bueno and itches likes crazy! Apparently it is growing rampantly this year (at least around here) because of all the early summer rain.

The comment on Stinging Nettles makes me laugh because I take them as a supplement for my allergies - they do wonders on itchy eyes! (I wonder if this would make me less susceptible if I got into them.)

This last part is only because people have asked. If your not interested then you don't have to read it. My case of Poison Ivy is going okay. (It seems I brushed up against it or transferred it around as there are patches on all four appendages and my neck. Not as bad it any one place as it could be though.) I finally succumbed to going to the doctor yesterday (I don't have insurance:() and found out that I have an infection now as well. Something carried by small children that can live on your skin until it finds somewhere to go. My sister works at a daycare, so that probably explains that. Anyhoo, he gave me steroids and antibiotics and said it should be all gone by Friday. From what I've read on the internet I didn't realize doctors could give you anything for it other than stronger antihistamines, but this does seem to be helping out so we'll keep our fingers crossed! Thanks for all the well wishes

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12. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Helen - linking text is very easy.

1) Find the website page you want to link and copy the URL (http://www.blahblahblah.com)
2) In your TP response, type the words you want to link (Super Secret Site)
3) Highlight the text you just typed
4) Just above the reply box are the different functions (B I U, etc.) Click on URL
5) A seperate box will come up - paste the URL you copied into that box. Click OK.
6) When you preview or submit, the link will be made. Voila!


Katherine - steroids are usually prescribed for more severe reactions, but due to the secondary infection and several areas of rash, they will help tremendously. Steroids are given to people who have very severe or complicated allergies too. Most of the prescribed allergy inhalers contain some sort of steroid. Secondary infections are quite common with poison ivy becasuse it's very hard not to scratch the ever-present itch.

Stinging nettles are very good for allergies. And yes, you probably have developed a bit of immunity to them by taking the oral formulation. It may have kept you from developing a serious reaction to the ivy (even though they are not plant relatives). Young nettles are also good as a steamed green, prepared like spinach. Nettles don't develop the "sting" until the plants are about one foot in height. Nettles are also used in urinary infections, eczema and a few other ailments. Compresses are applied to sore joints for pain relief.

ps: I watch out for Beerman all the time. Basically, because he's cute and I like him. I think I'll keep him. ;)

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