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Guess I did things backwards - I was having a problem with my blog so posted the question in the systems area first, now figured I'd better introduce myself?

Shelton is so small, I usually just tell people I'm from Seattle. Shelton is 85 miles or 136 km SW of Seattle, I figured you folks are all into travel so might not mind hearing about the small, unknown town.

Around 9/1/07, I'm planning to take my old (1991), small (21 foot, or about 7 m) RV and circumnavigate the USA (lower 48 states that is) with my mother, who is 80. We plan to take about 8 months so we can really see and visit lots of places that we've always wanted to go.

I set up our travel blog here after looking at several sites - this place has the basic tools we need and a nice, clean and fun looking interface. I don't know who's behind this - but I Really Appreciate that you've set this up. We're hoping to share the trip with a lot of friends and family as we go (I've got a data card for my laptop) and we've been handing out business cards with the URL (Johnston..., not much there yet as we haven't left yet), so I expect this will be a really nice way to journalize our trip.

Looking forward to enjoying your blogs as well - found one or two that look really cool - but right now I've got a TON (e.g. a LOT) of work to do to get the RV ready. So maybe I'll start surfing some more during the trip.

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Hi Jeanette,

Welcome to Travellerspoint! :) It's good to have you here. Looks like you're heading for some fun time travelling in that RV of yours with your mother.

This site was created by two Dutch brothers, Sam and Peter, a few years back and has improved tremendously since then. If you want to know how it all started, check out the About Us page.

Just a couple of days ago, we featured an interview with a member who travelled around the USA and Canada on RV with her husband and kid, just like what you guys are about to do. Check it out on the official TP blog. :)

In case you didn't know, you can use the function in the control panel to create your own personal travel cards that has all the URLs pointing to your contacts, profile, blog, photo gallery, and stuff like that. You can also promote your blog to others via email.

I look forward to reading interesting entries in your blog. ;)


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A warm welcome to the TP community:)

Hope to see u around at the various forums


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hi jeanette,
welcome to TP and hope you find it useful. will look forward to reading your blog.
enjoy your travels.

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Welcome to TP!!!
Good Luck!!!


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Thanks to all for your kind welcomes!

Hein - thanks also for posting the help about adding Friends. I tried several times to find TexasRTJ using the member search form, but can't seem to pull him up that way. (I tried both upper & lower case, also tried using his name).

Clicking on the User ID in the post works however, so I'll use this method instead. Don't know why the search doesn't work.

I'm still getting used to this 'blogging' thing - will try to get a better sense of how much to write vs post. My guess would be more pictures & less text, but we'll see...

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Hi jl and welcome. Good to have you here.

All the best,