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Hi There

Anybody got an tips on cheap car hire in either NZ? Going to be there for 4 weeks so should I bus it with "magic bus" for example instead of hiring a car? Cheers


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if you are looking for flexibility, car would be a good choice, you can just wheel yourself to anywhere at anytime you want. Taking a bus is not that flexible in the sense of it has a fixed departure time everday and u got to stick to it. Also, sometime the routes covered is not as extensive as u drive.

Prices wise, depents on when u go. i went to NZ during the winter time which is consider as their off peak season, the car that i got only cost me NZ19 per day. i bet it can be lower sometime.

If u provide more informations such as when u want to go, travelling headcount, and etc..i believe the feedback that u are going to get from the respective members here will be more informed.

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We hired a car in the South Island in Jan (peak season too) with Omega Car hire - found them excellent - good service, good communication.

The cars were not brand new but they were well kept and certain took us from A to B with no hassles whatsoever.

The cost was $NZ39 per day (£14) and for 5 days $NZ245 (£90) - this included insurances too.

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Hi All

I am arriving on the 15th of Oct into Auckland for a month. I have one friend who will also be joining me. The outline of our trip is 7-10 days North Island and then 20 days on the South Isalnd. We leave NZ mid Nov from Christchurch for Cairns in OZ

Hope the extra info can help those of you who repiled.


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Perhaps you could hire a car for some of the time and go with one of the backpacker buses - Stray or Magic - for the rest of the time. Hiring a car might be expensive for 4 weeks, (depending on when you go) and the buses will take you to most of the places you want to see. They are good value and convenient as you will get transported beween hostels and they can book onward accommodation and activities for you. It's a good way of meeting people too. they don't just take you from a to b- you stop regularly along the way to visit places and for photo stops.

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cars are cheap rented one from abc car rentals in auckland and drove to queenstown and back in around 3/4 weeks , cost about 20 dollars a day for a toyota corrolla not new though .that was in aug sept last year .Kiwi bus supposed to be good you can meet a lot more people