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Hello everybody,

Hi, I am Jason Chan and I came Hong Kong. My friends and I are planning to have a vacation on Australia by December maybe. Thus, we are hoping for your recommendation and suggestion for the best travel destination in Australia. Maybe our vacation will a 4-weeks long vacation. We are planning to check out museum, national park in Australia because we are kinda fond of history and culture. Also, in addition we would to check the beaches and tourist spot that could be relaxing. And by the way, we would to know your opinions regarding hiring a camper vans that we saw in the web - REMOVED - Because we planning the vacation will be in traveling mostly, because we are travel-oriented individuals. So, I am grateful for your recommendation and suggestions. This wll be a great to us.



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Since you will be here in the middle of summer it will be a great opportunity to visit our beautiful beaches. Make sure you visit Queensland for some of the best beaches in Australia. The Gold Coast is a great place for young people (there are a lot of tourists here however). There are also great theme parks, casinos, and great night life to experience on the Gold Coast.

Further up in northern Queensland there are more secluded beaches that can only be described as paradise. A perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. There are beautiful rainforests in northern Queensland that are literally right next to the beach.

Enjoy your holiday in Australia.

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Hi Jason,

Another option could be to explore Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. You could spend a couple of weeks in Tasmania where there are loads of beautiful places to explore. There is also some intresting history there as there is the big penal settlement of Port Arthur where you could easily spend a day exploring. You can get cheap return flights from Melbourne to Hobart with After this you could explore Melbourne for a few days and the surrounding areas of Victoria itself, where there are many beautiful places to see. Wilsons Promontory national park is beautiful and the Grampians are great for walking for a few days. You could then take the great ocean road to adelaide, taking about 2-3 days, a stunning drive. Once in Adelaide you could visit kangaroo island for some wildlife and visit some wineries. Adelaide has an excellent Aboroginal history museum you could visit.

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If history is what you are interested in, then a brief trip to Tasmania would be good especially to see Port Arthur. If you are travelling on a tight budget, then Tasmania probably isn't for you because it isn't cheap although you can get some pretty cheap flights from Melbourne, Sydney and even Brisbane if you book in advance through Jetstar or Virginblue. Entry to the Port Arthur historic site last time I was there (about February 2007)was about $30 to enter. Tasmania is also really nice if you are in to nature, infact it has some of the best nature in the world. For culture Tasmania isn't the place as it doesn't have much of a population so the culture isn't strong. I think for culture North Western Australia and Northern Territory are the most interesting places (but they aren't on the usual tourist trail). That is where a lot of the population are aboriginals so in those regions where they often live the traditional way, they have a very different culture to the majority of Australia. Melbourne and Sydney have a multi-cultural feel to them, but it isn't really a very different cultural thing to what you'd experience in most major cities around the developed world.

If you visit Melbourne a must do is a trip along the Great Ocean Road to see the twelve apostles (even though their isn't twelve of them any more) and numerous other nice sites along the road. You can book tours in Melbourne because I booked one through the hostel I stayed at when I was there a few visits ago.

For beaches, Queensland is the place to visit if you want a lot of options especially the Whitsunday region. You can get cheap flights there on jetstar and I think virginblue if you book in advance. The airport is at proserpine which is not far from Airlie Beach (the gateway to the Whitsunday region) but I think on the website it lists it as the whitsunday coast. Another place to visit for beaches is Western Australia because that also has some really nice beaches up the coastline expecially Cable Beach/Broome which is known as one of the best beaches in the world. You can get flights to Broome from Perth or a few of the other capital cities around Australia, but generally speaking they aren't cheap (Virgin Blue is the cheapest on that route). If you did get to Broome, that would be where you could get out and explore the region further and have a different cultural experience.Unless Broome has changed a lot since I was there, you'd need to get out further and head across in to the Kimberley region for the cultural stuff and also some amazing nature although when you go if it is December it'll be the wet season up there so the weather may not be so friendly to you.

If you plan to take any flights on budget airlines within Australia, try and book as far in advance as possible, because the longer you wait to book the more expensive the tickets get until they are very expensive.

Have a great trip.

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Hey, drive along Great Ocean Road..... its really cool!!!
See the 12 apostles!!! 8 left......see it before its all gone....

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Ei everybody thanks for your suggestions and recommendation. Its a great help for me. And I would like to ask for apology regarding the in-avertly posting a website. I am sorry again. Thanks