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Hi guys

Could somebody help me with a good day trip to Avon Valley. Will drive and maybe do some walking. Good trails, best towns to visit etc. Any advices. Been checking net, but all those towns sounds nice and cosy Toodyay, York, Northam, Beverley...don't think a day is enough to visit them all so please your experiences...


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Somebody... anybody....IDEAS??????

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Hi hmclehto,

OK........ sorry I haven't been here for a while so have missed a lot.

I can tell you a little about The Avon Valley as I used to live in Toodyay, have friends in the York area and know the whole general area well.

Your note said you only have a day to do this trip....... That is a pity actually as there is so much to do in this whole area BUT will take more than one day.

From that point of view then there are a couple of suggestions I can make:




There is so much else you can see - eg


where there is some great walks as well etc.

OK....... if you would like a bit of an intinery please message me privately and I will give you what I think. However if you want to see it all............... then I am afraid you are going to be disappointed. This trip really needs three to four days at least..........

If you still want only one day then choose between York and Toodyay. Plenty to see in both places.

with regards


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Thanks Kathryn, sent you a private message

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Hi guys,
went to Avon Valley yesterday. Drove to Toodyay from Midland got off the main road and followed the river (more like a stream really, but nice anyway) Lovely rolling lush hills, plenty of charming farm houses animals etc. Had a nice lunch from a bakery along the river in Toodyay. Walked around town and looked at the shops, excellent lolly shop there and beautiful buildings from early 1900 mainly (not quite the old European buildings, but here 100 years is old) but nice anyway. Then drove to York via Northam. York is better of the two, I mean Toodyay and York. More gorgeous buildings and apple pie to die for with thick cream ;) A day is more than enough to get the country feel and see the lush Valley this time of the year. That's exactly what I wanted a nice drive and get out of the city, so if that's what you want. Highly recommended day out!