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Need to make my way to BA from SP in about 2weeks, and im not stopping on the way, even though it is gonna be a killer journey! Was wondering if anybody has done this journey recently and if you know any good companies to travel with for this route?? Any help is appreciated!

Thanks !

x x Miriam x x

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Hi Miriam,

I'd recommend you stop somewhere especially if you have two weeks!! :)

You can travel from Buenos Aires to the border of Brazil where the Iguazu Falls are in about 22 hours. It's a good jounrye to do overnight as you dont notice the time passing as much.

From Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) or Foz do Iguazu (Brazil) you can travel to Sao Paulo in about the same time, maybe a bit less - 18 hours or so.

In Argentina I'd HIGHLY recommend travellign with the bus company Via Bariloche. Take the coche cama class - well worth it if travelling overnight. You even get a glass of champagne or beer! ;)

In Brazil, travel with Pluma. The service generally in Brazil isn't up to the same standard as Argentina, but still perfecntly comfortable.

Good luck on your trip. ;)

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I'm pretty sure that even if you didn't want to stopover somewhere along the way you'd have to or at least put up with spending quite a few hours in a bus station somewhere due to the bus connections not being perfect and the same company not doing the whole journey. I didn't quite do what you did, but I can't recall whilst in Buenos Aires main bus station seeing any sign mentioning Sao Paulo when I walked around the whole station everywhere looking for a company that sold tickets to Santiago, I can recall seeing signs mentioning Iguazu Falls (but in the Spanish spelling of it). Man you must like punishing yourself big time if you want to spend that long on the bus! My bum was killing me just after the Sao Paulo-Iguazu Falls bus trip let alone all that extra distance you'd be travelling.

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Hi Miriam,

The bus company CRUCERO DEL NORTE goes from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo.
I heard the complete journey takes 36 hours. The buses are confortable. I travelled many times with this company to the south of Argentina.


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hey! thanks for the help...

I began my trip in sao paulo and travelled to iguazu back then, so i dont really wanna do that route again.
The problem is that originally i was finishing in manaus, but my parents had to go to BA for work, so im meeting them there. The 2weeks i have are being spent on the amazon (im in iquitos right now) so is not that i have that time to make my way down. I fly to SP and need to get to BA in the shorter time possible, i would fly if it wasnt that expensive, it is not that i like the 36hs bus journey, but money always dictates!

I will check out Pluma and crucero del norte, but unfortunately via bariloche only goes to iguazu, but not to SP, and i have heard that the other 2companies follow a more direct route...

thanks for the ideas anyway!

x x Miriam x x