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Hi guys,

I'm planning a RTW trip next year. And I'm having a little problem of wanting to go to too many places, but of course is restricted by my budget. So I'm asking this: Pick one (or two) countries from each continent that would complete the RTW trip experience. Thanks for your time!

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Hello trivuong,

Your planning is Good, I know a very nice place called gumbet turkey. Last year i went there for honeymoon. I got there decent weather and all things like luxury rental cars, and stars hotel and lot of beautiful places for visit, so i will recommend to all for this place that want to go for holiday...

Hope this help ..!!


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Well other than budget a good way to pick locations is by some form of interest.. Such as: if you are into the new Modern 7 wonders of the world then maybe start there.. Book a ticket that lets you see all of them and the go from there. Or if you love crazy festivals maybe traveling to be in those places is a way to go.. Just some brief ideas...

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It depends on what you are hoping to get out of your adventure. If you are really interested in history, well you should definitely have Italy, Paris, Moscow and St Petersburg on your list. If you keen on train travel well Russia, Mongolia, China including Tibet, India, should all be on your list. It is very hard to suggest without knowing what you are interested in, because what would finish of my round the world experiences (in my eyes) may well not be what you'd find appealing or alternatively it could be the same.

If India is a place that appeals to you, if you left that until the end of your trip then that'd certainly be a fine way to finalise your round the world trip because even as an experienced traveller it gives a big culture shock but has plenty of nice things to see like the Taj Mahal. If you did decide on India don't make that the first destination on your itinerary.

A trip to South East Asia is a must on any RTW experience. This can be done cheaply and easily. You could have your RTW ticket landing and departing from Bangkok, but allowing a gap in the middle for travel around South East Asia. Like I landed in Bangkok, got a cheap Air Asia flight to Hanoi, went overland through Vietnam then got a cheap 3 day 2 night Mekong Delta tour to Phnom Penh, went to the main tourist places in Cambodia and then got a cheap Air Asia flight from Phnom Penh-Bangkok where I then recommenced my RTW ticket. If I had of had longer I could have also added Laos in, but I was already cramming a lot in as it was. Vietnam is a really interesting place to visit and if you go there a must visit is Halong Bay. When in Vietnam you can get a bus ticket that allows travel from Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City or vice versa for $20US. That allows you to stop over at many places along the way and is a great way to see a lot of the country ceaply. Vietnam also has a lot of tour shops that sell extremely good value tours especially in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, but also many places in between.

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i've been reading on the history of king arthur (always wanted to, but never had the time). at the moment, if i was to go anywhere, i'd go to glastonbury, which is a place in somewhat southern england. loads of history there! and some interesting things to see.

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