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I currently wear daily diposable contact lenses but off on a 7 month trip pretty soon and not sure what to do about my contacts. its seems quite extreem taking 7 months worth with me? anyone got any ideas? i'm pretty naff at looking after glasses and like water sports etc hense contact lenses. has anyone got hold of daily pescription lenses while in OZ or even south east asia? a thought if i take my pescription with me.

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As long as you have your prescription with you, you'll have no trouble getting lenses in Aussie. Also, you could consider switching to monthly desposibles?? Less for you to carry, and as long as you have a good lens solution on hand, they should be just as comfortable

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why not get the night and day ones? you can wear them for 30 days straight, so they're perfect for travelling. I"ve had no problems using them for water sports, infact i believe they're the best things ever invented (and i've struggled with contacts for 12 years), you don't even know you're wearing them! And because you can wear them for a month its a lot less hassel, takes up very little space and you don't need to bring cleaning solution. Although I do bring a little 100ml bottle of cleaning solution and a case with me, incase I get dirt in my eyes or when I want to wear my glasses. I"m not sure about asia, but as long as your perscription isn't more than a year old, you'll have no problem getting new ones in Australia. I paid 200$ for a six month supply. You should be able to get a one month free pair of lenses to see if they work for you before you leave home.