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OK here's the deal...

On the wall opposite my bed there is a map of the world (about 6' x 4'). On it I have joined the destinations I am going to when I go on my loooooooong trip in June next year, with string and blue-tac. Looks quite impressive and I look at it for a few seconds before I got to sleep every night.

Anyway, I know I'm pretty much 100% going on this trip, or something similar to the trip, but I haven't booked any flights or anything.

What I would like to do is put a mantra or a motivational phrase above the map, to help me out when I feel down about going, i.e. when I have turned down the umpteenth offer from friends to go to the pub cos I need to save money, or when I have come home knackered from working two jobs and all I can do is crash (I ain't got much of a life at the moment, and won't for a few months, with saving so much money).

So, any suggestions? Sorry for the long post

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Do you believe really in your creator, the only one !

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Hi KScott

I feel your pain

Its not easy trying to hoard away those valuable pennies and not end up like a hermit while still at home.

Instead of having a motivational phrase, I keep reminders of where I want to be around me - like a photo of somewhere in India on my desk at work or stuck to my mirror in my bedroom so that I am constantly reminded of why I need to be saving and why it's all going to be worth it.

What I really need to do is stick a picture on my credit card, or BETTER YET cut the credit card up!