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Montreal, off-the beaten path

I am visiting Montreal for the month of September. I am searching for MUST-do's in the city. Please share your favourite Montreal spots according to the following interest criteria. Thanks.

-the nicest thing to do?
-memorable/dramatic scenery & landscape photography (i.e. viewpoints, panoramas, sunsets)
-nature, the outdoors, hikes/mountaintops, and amazing views...
-lovely/charming streets
-non-typical/exciting/interesting/unique EXPERIENCES (full of original character), and local only to the area.
-specialty/unique local cuisine

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Hi Sandy,

I'll try to give you my two cents' worth. You can also check out the TP-wiki section under Montreal; there's some good stuff in there, too.

-the nicest thing to do?
Depends on what you like. A walk through the Old Port is nice; you can catch the Body Worlds II exhibition at the science centre. I like stopping for a drink at Jardin Nelson, then picking a place to eat.

-memorable/dramatic scenery & landscape photography (i.e. viewpoints, panoramas, sunsets)
Mount Royal, Ile Notre Dame, Ile de la Visitation, Place Ville Marie (I think the club at the top is still there)

-nature, the outdoors, hikes/mountaintops, and amazing views...
Same as question #2!

-lovely/charming streets
St. Denis, Mont Royal, Bernard, St. Paul, Notre Dame (in the Old Port), Lakeshore (in Point-Claire), and St, Laurent - both downtown and in Little Italy

Old Montreal and downtown. Plus Habitat 67, but it's a long trek for one building

-non-typical/exciting/interesting/unique EXPERIENCES (full of original character), and local only to the area.
Hmm... Montreal is so diverse, you could visit Little Italy, Little Greece, Little India. But head out to the country or Quebec City to get a full taste of Quebec

-specialty/unique local cuisine
Poutine! (That's home-cut fries, gravy and curd cheese - there are also versions with added ingredients). Plus there's pouding chômeur ("unemployment cake"), pig's feet, tortièrre, all-dressed pizza, and all the stuff you get at cabane à sucre.

If you have any other questions, ask away! I'll do my best to help.

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For Poutine, there is no better place in Montreal than "La Banquise". It is a 24-hour restaurant with the best variety of Poutine. It is a "must visit" destination.


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go to the Fairmont Hotel in Town (above the train station) and ask if you can visit the John and Yoko Room. This is the room where John Lennon and Yoko Ono had their famous Sleep In and wrote the song "Give peace a chance!"

Tell them you're staying in the hotel if they ask anything but we had no problems.

This isn't in any of the tour guides etc. and I thought was a pretty cool place to visit !

Enjoy Montreal


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Hi sandy, are likely in Montreal now; nonetheless i will throw something at you since you plan to be there one month.
- Do not fail to visit Quebec City ( most especially if you are a fan of the great horror flick from the late 50's " The Fly ' starring Vincent Price ) There is nothing like it anywhere in North america. A Unesco World Heritage Site.

Spend a day exploring the ' Underground City ' of the Metro. 18 miles in total.

Dunno if contemporary literature interests you, but the late great Saul Bellow spent his early, formative years in Lachine ( anchored to Montreal ) and often returned there in later years to wander around. The late Mordecai Richler grew up on St. Urbain Street down near ' the Main ' ( ST. Laurent St. ) in neighbourhood of many European Jews and other ' displaced ' ethnic Europeans. The Main is an absolute MUST to walk; the whole length of it, beginning down on the banks of the St. Lawrence River and then uphill on the eastern ' flank ' of Mount Royal. The ' zone ' around the intersection of Rue St. Catherines and ST. Laurent at night is seedy but compelling, altho obviously troubled.

There is also a little Italy, India- town, Little Portugal, Greek- town, and of course Chinatown.

Montreal is a fabulous city to explore on foot, not unlike nyc, actually. Take care, Kevin.

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Hi Sandy!
So how do you like Montreal so far?
Let me throw in a few more suggestions:
-Stroll along Monkland Street in NDG and have a meal at the Tavern. They have a heated terrace perfect for this time of year.
-Bicycle - or roller blade - along the Lachine Canal, which starts in the Old Port and extends along the southern part of the island to the west island
-In late September, take a bus from the Berri station to Mont Tremblant and see the fall foliage.
-On any weekend, take a VIA train to Quebec City.