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1. Posted by alev_vural (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys..!

I want to try to live in japan and experience the culture and people and language soooooo badly, but unfortunately.. I am aware that it is an extreeeeeeemely expensive country, so I was wondering if any of you guys know any organisations/companies/anything which you can work for for free, volunteer, or just something??.. or have any advice on how I can go there for some months, and DO IT CHEAP!!? hmm.. there must be something, i mean!!! please let me know if you have any suggestions.. and another question..! Has anyone tried volunteering with tjek it out.. it looks really interesting, and then its really cheap that you could actually call it free.. well, i think it was it.. thanks guys..

2. Posted by scottscott (Budding Member 10 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I dont know about volunteering as such, but if you have a degree you should be able to get an English teaching job to go to, only trouble is most are in Tokyo though some are outside if you hunt for them. Less than 6 months ( English ) jobs are rare in Japan.

Also, if you are young enough try looking up the "jet" program, they have jobs either in schools or in local council offices, they pay is good too. " Monbusho" Education department runs it I think. There are jobs in ski resorts and golf clubs, but I dont know about those or whether you can get one.

Both of above would normally be at least a one year commitment.

Another angle worth exploring is finding a group that does homestays ect or contacting someone via online sites who wants to practice their English or meet foriegners ect.( Site "Japan friend" or something used to be good, havent checked last few years, its run by a German guy I think. )

They might also be interested in having you stay briefly, probably free. If you could string a few of these together, you could have a good trip. Regarding this kind of thing, dont overstay welcome, and be nice, generally in such a situation the Japanese hosts will be very kind and generous, so dont abuse their kindness. Also learn the footwear rules for Japan, and also "Bath tub" rules. ( get clean first, hot tub is for soaking, not washing, NO SOAP in Japanese bath tub same with "onsen" hot springs ect..)

In a similar way you could advertise that you would like to volunteer in Japan on such a site, just say what you are interested in, and someone may be able to poin you in the right direction, if you want to volunteer as native English tutor ect someone will be interested I think.

As for experiencing Japan, it depends on what kind of experience you are after, so its hard to say. My only travel tip would be that many Japanese are outrageously helpful IF ASKED, so ask if lost ect, otherwise they may be too shy to ask you if you need help.

Also try to find Minshuku or "business hotels, they tend to be cheaper end, and DO NOT even consider staying in anything called a "Ryokan" without finding out the cost, you could be in for a nasty sticker shock. Other cheaper options include "capsule hotels" and after hours rates in "Love hotels", but lack of Japanese, and the fact that you are 2 guys ( it seems ) may make that one a bit embarassing, and/ or hard to find.

Accomodation in any case is going to be problem number one, if you can sort that one or a job, the rst will come together ok. It is possble to travel cheap on slower local trains between cities, but you need serious patience for that or not be going too far at a time.

On the upside of "expensive" Japan, there are convenience stores on almost every corner throughout most of the country, and a cheap food item there is often only 100 yen or so. If you are willing to live on "onigiri" and the like, it will cut a big slice off your food costs. If you smoke, its also ( still ) relatively cheap, though I heard it has gone up since I left. ( I used to smoke for 2000 yen a week, now in Australia it costs me that every frking day! ...sigh.... )

Well hope that helps if U are still looking for info on Japan...


3. Posted by alev_vural (Budding Member 22 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

thank you soooo much for your reply.. i will try google those sites.. thank you again, i really appreciate it..