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1. Posted by damo22 (Budding Member 16 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys. I'm going to Amsterdam in a couple of days and I have put together a decent list of things I would like to see. The problem I have is that I'm finding it very difficult to work out where all these attractions are in relation to each other and plan my trip accordingly. The last thing I want to find myself doing is walking across town to see a museum, all the way back to see Anne Franks house, and then all the way back to see some bridge.

The main things I want to see are:

Anne Frank House
Red Light District
Van Gogh Museum
Central Station
Flower Market
Dam Square
Sex Museum
China Town
Albert Cuypmarkt (street market)

I also want to do the customary bike riding and boat tour, but that I can figure out on my own.

I was basically wondering, given my key sites of interest, how I can best go about seeing all these things without too much backtracking. Any recommended itineraries you guys would like to share?

Ps. If you would like to recommend any other special things, please do so:)

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Well you are lucky as everything you want to see are all within walking distance of each other.
From Central Station you can see Dam square right ahead of you, so just follow the road (Damrak) up and half way up on your right you will see one of 2 sex museums in the area, keep going straight after that and you will come to Dam Sq. Now if you take a left , cross over a canal and turn left again you are in the Red Light District. Go to the next canal and walk along the side of the canal and you will come to China Town. Go down any side strret to your left and you will come out in the RLD again and you should find easily enough on this canal another sex museum.

Now, go back to Dam Sq and walk along the road that is the continuation of Damrak (it is called Rokem ((i think))) keep walking and you will come to the flower market on your right by a big old clock tower. From here you need to follow signs to the Museumplein. when you get there you should see the Reichsmuseum (?), now go through the underpath in the middle of this museum and you will come to a park and in that park is the Van Gogh museum.

Now back to Dam Sq. turn so you are facing the Palace and head that way, cross a couple of canals and turn roght and then ask directions for Anne Frank museum, it is around there. I have only been there once so can't remember exact place but it is very close.

As for the Albert Cuypmarkt, I think it is in the Jordaan area so it will be close to Ann Frank museum.

I think that about covers everything on your list.

Other places to go for a drink are Leidseplein and the RLD, both of which have both bars and coffeshops if you want to have a smoke. Leidseplein has more clubs than the RLD but there are good clubs in RLD too. Try Winstons, its pretty cool in there.

I'm sure you will have a great trip, I always love spending time in Amsterdam.

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Hi, I'm a native. Hope I can be of any advice.
Bwiian is right about Central station, Dam square, RDL (between the canals "oudezijds achterburgwal" and "oudezijds voorburgwal") and China Town. They're al within 5 minutes walking distance. Nam Kee, on Zeedijk in China town is renowned for cheap and excellent Hong Kong food, especially they're steamed oysters.

Anne Frank House is between the Palace on Dam sq and Jordaan area, a nice neighbourhood to walk through. On Saturdays it hosts a biological market and small flee market on Noordermarkt. Nearby Nine Streets area (9 straatjes) has small fashion shops (the ones you won't find on the high streets), cafe's and restaurants.

Albert Cuyp market is a 10 minutes walk from van Gogh museum. Not near Anne Frank's house! It can easily be combined with the Heineken museum. "Taart van m'n tante", at Heineken square serves great cakes, the only thng they have! Nearby PL Takstraat and Burgemeester Tellegenstraat offer the most beautifull examples of 1920's working class Art Deco housing. I like to see it as a poor mans version of Barcelona's Gaudi. 10 minutes walk from Cuyp market. My favourite architecture.
Another example is the building "Het Schip" in Westerpark area, which has a small museum. There's also a big park nearby with 19th century industrial buildings which now serve as bars, restaurants and a cinema.

Use Google maps to get an idea about locations. When you exit Central Station, there's a white wooden building in front of you, a bit to the left. That's the tourist information office, they can help you with free maps I gues.
A bike is the fastest way to visit all attractions.

Enjoy your trip

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If I may add 3 places I like; the Waterlooplein flea market where you can easily spend 2 hours browsing all the stalls. It is close to the MacBike bicycle rental shop where the policy is the more days you rent, the cheaper the rate. Another favorite stop is the Puccini Bomboni chocolate shop on Staalstraat (another Puccini is on Singel).

Finally, look around for a bakery that makes stroopwafels, a large very thin cookie sandwich with caramel inside. Half the fun of Amsterdam is discovering your own favorites.


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Quoting saridon

Albert Cuyp market is a 10 minutes walk from van Gogh museum. Not near Anne Frank's house!

oops!!! sorry bout that, don't know why i thought it was near Anne Franks house! I haven't been there before but i thought i read it was near there. Sorry! hehe, hope you hadn't already walked around there looking for it!!

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ow and buy 'drop'

you will find it in a candy store

and if you go by bike, also visit the area the Jordaan lovely small shops and restaurants! or only ehm 15 minutes from the central station..
also i can recommend sometimes the FOAM Fotomuseum of Amsterdam. It's in one of the lovely old buildings and sometimes they have great expositions..

how long are you staying? cause perhaps a trainride to another city would be worth it? than you see the netherlands also a bit more next to just amsterdam

8. Posted by bwiiian (Travel Guru 769 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Desiree

ow and buy 'drop'

you will find it in a candy store

ooooh, is that that quite nasty really strong liquerish sweets? They are weird.

Good luck if you try eating them!!! hehe