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I am planning a 6 week trip with my boyfriend starting on 1 Dec coming back 12 January.

Whilst we have got a vague idea that we want to at least visit Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, does anyone have any idea whether we might actually be able to fit in more of the continent?

We are lucky to be able to afford to take internal flights (yes, I know - not environmentally friendly) so I imagine we can get around quite quickly. We would like to see the major historical and cultural sights in each country, as well as the sights of natural beauty but want to try to pack in as much as possible.

Also any tips on how/who to use to book hotels, trips etc would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello Mys:)

I think u have more than enough places on your list already, without trying to fit in another continent.

I think a copy of the Lonely Planet guide for SE Asia would be a good purchase for u, if u dont have it already.
It gives information on just about everything to do with travelling in SE Asia, including booking hotels and trips and which sites u can see etc.


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We are off to SEA for 13 weeks next month and worried we don't have enough time so i would choose some places you really want to see and don't cram to much in, its a big place and you don't wanna spend the whole time on a bus and train!! My advice would be assuming you are flying into bangkok - head to ankor - siam reap - phnom pen - maybe hit the coast do a makong delta tour to get to HCMC (siagon) then head up through vietnam see as much as you can then fly from hanoi to bangkok I really don't think you have time to see loas, maybe at a push you could fly from hanoi to vietainne then through loas end in northan thailand chang mai and fly back to BKK but will be a rush.

perhaps have a look at intrepid travel website just to get ideas for different routes though SEA.

My advise for hotels etc would be to do nothing just do some research, in SEA it is always best to sor it out when you get there, prices on the net are high western prices not SEA prices, the same goes for tours and short trips for everything. maybe book your flight ahead but nothing else.

good luck have fun. we will be there from oct - Jan as well. prob in maylasia in dec though.

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6 weeks would be pushing it to see all these places. I would recommend cutting out at least one of the countries on your itinerary. You could perhaps spend 3 weeks in vietnam, 2 in thailand and one week in cambodia seeing angkor and phnom penh. this way at least you will be able to explore a bit more in depth and also feel like you have had a holiday instead of rushing around. I spent 3 months in SE asia doing your itinerary plus Myanmar, and I could have done with much more time.

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Check out Cebu Pacific airlines for very cheap flights around SE Asia (don't worry about being environmentally friendly, airplanes only use up 2.7% of the worlds carbon, they are just being used as a scapegoat. It's true, look it up). Then you could go to places a bit different to the usual masses who do the Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia trail. Although these countries are amazing, there are loads of tourists there. But if you are first time Asia travellers Thailand is always a good place to start as everything is so easy there. But why not try the Philippines? Hardly anyone goes there, or Indonesia? They are both easy to get to and cheap with Cebu Pacific. There are over 7000 islands in the Philippines so you should find one to yourselves! Just be careful about going to the south west on Mindanao. Bit dodgy there, best to stick to the Visayers or the northern islands like Luzon.
I'm going Philippines next month, going to Cebu and Negros islands.

have fun

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