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Hi there, heading up to La Paz tomorrow and want to do the salt flats trip next week sometime.
Do you know a good company to use? Also, what is the best place to start it from, can you book from Lz Paz?
I will be heading into Chile after it.


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Your better off if you go to Uyuni to do the salt flat trip in my opinion, much cheaper cos theres a lot of competition. All the agencies are around the main square, cant think what the name is of the company I went with, they are all roughly the same though I think. You shouldnt pay mor thant 65 dollars for the whole trip. Remember to ask if they include water.
You can get them to drop you off on the border with Chile aswell if thats where your going next.
You'll have an amazing time its one of the most memorable few days of my trip. Im so jealous your there and im in crappy London!

Have fun x

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Hi Eire,

I woudl recommend Oasis Tours whom you will find on the main square in Uyuni. They charge approximately US$60 (slightly more if you opt for the tour in English).
We had excellent guides and I couldn't fault the tour at all.

If you need a sleeping bag they will provide you with one for 5-10US$ also. Just let them know when you are booking the tour.

Also, if you need to get off at the Chile border, let them know this also. They arrange transportation to pick you and anyone else up at the border and take you on to San Pedro de Atacama.

The Salar de Uyuni was one of the absolute highlights of South America for me. You will have an amazing time. Make SURE your camera is charged - you will want it, believe me! :)

Also, its a good idea to bring bottles of water, some energy snacks and a big bag of cocoa leaves (if you like them) for the tour. There are some long hours driving in between meals.

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my friend and i are spending 3 weeks in south america and we've planned out our route. we've got 1 day to get to uyuni from la paz and blocked out 2 days for touring the salt flats... and then a day to travel back to la paz.

we are very limited with time... can we arrive at the main square really early in the morn and book a 2 day tour to leave that day ?? or should we book in advance before leaving ? if so, can anyone recommend a good company online that we can book with ?

many thanks :)

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hi mico,

My husband and I went there last February and the morning we arrive, while going for breakfast, we were ask by many travel companies if we wanted to do a tour right now, so i think it's possible to get a tour as soon as you get off the bus.

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excellent spootnik ! thanks for that... think we'll jus book on the day then... thanks !!