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Since approximately 3 months, certain employees of the post office to Thong Sala have an anormal behavior when you brought to them a postcards to stamp and to send.

Before, the employee given to you the stamps and It was you to stick them and give the postcards for sending.

But since a certain time, when you claim the stamps for your postcards, the employe took your money and he asks you to give your postcards to him while making you understand that it would stick even the stamps.

I send regularly the postcards towards my country and I realized that my postcards had never arrived their recipients since approximately 2 months.

Not just one time ! But several and at different dates.

It's a mystery ! But we advise you to stick your stamps yourself before giving the postcards to the counter.

If someone has had the same problem, If someone has had the same problem, let know it to us.

We are thinking that this people make a traffic with the money and they throw the postcards

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My only comment is; you have just figured this out? You have listed Koh Pha Ngan as your residence so I assume you have been in Thailand for some time. You should know better than to trust a poorly paid Thai worker to not cheat a rich farang when they get a chance. Take your stamps home, attach them yourself, mail them when convenient, problem solved.

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Hello Stevekpg:)

It may be the case that the post office staff are stealing your stamp money.
There is however another problem in Thailand. Around 30% of all mail goes missing.
I write to a British guy in prison in Thailand. He is receiving less than half the mail I send. The British Consulate told me that there is a report that states that 30% of all mail in Thailand goes missing.


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