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Hey all,

We are hopefull to visit Easter Island while we are on our RTW trip in a couple of years time. I have found that its pretty hard and expensive to get to Easter Island with LAN the only airline servicing the island. Initially i had thought that by getting to Chili we could take an independant flight to Easter Island and back not on our RTW ticket. Given that i am leaning towards Oneworld RTW and LAN is on it it may be more practical to include it. I just wanted to know from the people that have included it on their RTW tickets, what you did specifically?

Also if you had to fly Santiago - Easter Is - Santiago, was it as 2 normal flights in the continent? Were there additional charges?

I saw that the only other leg that flys into Easter Island is Tahiti. Has anyone done Santiago - Easter Is - Tahiti (or reverse)? Was this considerred leaving 1 continent and flying to the next on the Oneworld rules? Were there any extra charges incurred?

Thanks in advance!


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The only way I could find that it was possible was by getting the continent based Oneworld RTW ticket. The only way I could get there without breaking the rules of staying in Santiago twice was by getting a flight from Rio De Janeiro-Santiago-Easter Island in one day. That only happens once a week and then I had to get a flight back from Easter Island-Santiago. Despite the fact I actually landed in Santiago twice that didn't break the rules of the ticket as I was getting a connecting flight (even though it meant re checking in and hanging around the airport for a few hours). Had I got a flight Rio-Santiago (spent a few days)-Easter Island-Santiago that wouldn't have been allowed even though I'd have stopped in the exact same cities. So if you want to include it, you are going to have to be screwed around something terrible. This will also mean that all your allowed flights (maximum of 4) on South America will also be completely used once you get the last flight Santiago-where ever you can get to without breaking the rules whilst still catching the airlines you are eligible to use on the continent based ticket. My last flight that was part of the South American allowed flights was Santiago-Mexico City then it was considered North America (Central America, USA and Canada are all considered Norht America as far as this ticket is concerned).

I think that for the above thing to occur you will have to get your RTW ticket to commence in Madrid instead of London and then just get a cheap Ryanair or some other budget flight down. Last time I checked Madrid was the only city in Europe that you could reach Rio De Janeiro from with a direct flight (and this is required seeing your ticket would be originating in Europe). This may have changed as I was mucking around trying to get a valid RTW ticket to include Easter Island about January last year so check as London-Rio De Janeiro (without going via Madrid) might be an option. If you would be required to go via Madrid just get a budget flight because otherwise you are going to be really hard pressed to make a valid ticket with your ticket starting in Europe. It is definitely worth getting a frequent flyer card for this ticket as you are going to need a lot of back tracking and out of the way flights to make a valid ticket.

My ticket was as follows: Sydney-Tokyo-Hong Kong-Bangkok-Mumbai-London-Kiev (overland to Helsinki)-Madrid-Rio De Janeiro-Easter Island (via Santiago)-Santiago-Mexico City-Miami-Montego Bay-New York-Los Angeles-Honolulu-Sydney. This was a valid ticket, but the taxes were huge and so was the mileage. Any overland section will count for at least one flight in the continent despite the fact you aren't flying. Also if you are transitting through another airport that will also count as one of the allowed flights in a continent. So even if the times are inconvenient if a direct flight exists take it. You may also have to do what I had to by changing the order of your flights to make a direct flight.

As you can see it was a bit all over the place and this was all because of the Easter Island flight and the fact Hawaii was a must see as well so a rule states you can't backtrack between Hawaii and Mainland USA. So I feel that your realistic option for a valid ticket would be Europe-South America-North America-Australia/Pacific-Asia and back to Europe. You may also be able to add Africa in if you made Hong Kong as your last destination in Asia and got the one flight that exists to Johannesburg then you'd have an option for a flight to a couple of other places in Africa before having to fly back to London. By including Africa it'd make your ticket a lot more expensive and even more complicated than it already is.

The option for Easter Island to Papeete is only open to a mileage based oneworld ticket and it is extremely difficult to fit it in under any mileage based ticket unless your ticket is basically only travelling in one direction the whole time. For that option you'd also have to fly Santigao-Easter Island-Papeete-Auckland-Sydney even if you didn't wish this itinerary. I think that'd allow one more flight in the Australia/Pacific continent part of the ticket before you have to fly on to Asia.

A very good thing that'll help a lot is by going to the Oneworld site and download the RTW calculator and also download the pdf document which has all the flights listed. The calculator won't let you look far ahead, so all that was basically any good for was checking to see when direct flights existed or the one day a week which that Easter Island option I've mentioned exists. So you'll just have to put any old date in and see the day of the week it is. If it doesn't show as having any valid flight on the day you choose, change the date until you have covered all seven days of the week because some of the flights only exist on one day a week or two days a week so if you chose the wrong day it would show as no such flight existing. Remember this calcultaro shows all the airlines that is part of the oneworld alliance not just the ones that are applicable to a continent based ticket, so you'll need to check the 2 letters in front of the flight number to see the airline.

Also be aware to reconfirm your flights to Easter Island a few days before and turn up a few hours early so you are right near the front of the queue for checkin. The flights there are always overbooked and as the flights are not everyday if you are unlucky you'll possibly find yourself stuck for a few days.

On the continent based One World ticket (the one you'd need to use), you can't use all airlines that are part of the One World alliance (the one that flies to Tahiti is one of those you can't use on a continent based ticket). If you download the rules form off the oneworld site, it will list the airlines you are allowed to use, so you'll just need to make sure all the flights you choose have the allowed airline's 2 letter code ie QF (Qantas), AA (American Airlines), IB (Iberian) etc.

With all the added mucking around, you don't incur any added expenses for that very rare opportunity except of course the added airport/flight taxes that you'd get for any flight you took.

Have fun making a valid itinerary!!!

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Wow, thanks for the wealth of information there aharrold45!!!

We had planned to go in the general direction of EU, N. America, S. America, AustPacific, Asia, EU so no need to worry about Africa. I had initially thought of N. America first, but i think your point to start South America as the first leg would be beneficial as it gives us an easier getout if we did the North American places second before heading over the pacific to NZ.

Did you do any travelling on other 'budget' carriers separate to the round the world. Although low cost isn't quite as available outside of europe i had thought that if the 4 flights in a continent was getting squeezed attempting to travel on other airlines at a cheaper rate in order to get to more places.

Although i got a list of 'low cost' carriers off of TP (link to wikipedia list) im not as familiar with the ones outside europe. Taking Europe as an example not related to my plans, is it all fine to travel into say Paris on the RTW ticket and then go to say Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, back to Paris with esyjet/ryanair etc, then fly on with the RTW to the other destinations in the continent before moving to the next? The independant travel does not impact on the RTW as long as your departing on the next RTW leg from where you landed with the RTW right?

I had thought to apply that logic as best we can to the continents that are being sqeezed for flights (S. America clearly with 2 flights being used for Easter Is.) although granted i will have to look into more detail at the possibility and extent of 'Low Cost' travel in these continents (which may shoot that idea out of the water). Although if there is somewhere that needs to be done, i wouldn't mind paying a full fare on a major carrier within reason as we never know when the chance will come again.

Also i think i read right on the oneworld site that your departure continent counts as the first continent on teh ticket, so we would be doing 5 continents even though we had not planned on using the RTW to see any of Europe. ie. London, New York, Chicago...etc ......Hong Kong, Singapore, London. But i noticed your legs didn't have any travel in the Australia/ NZ continent apart from your departure and arrival in this continent group. Did i read this right or have i misinterpreted something on the oneworld site or your trip legs?

It sounds luike making a valid ticket is going to require some work (albeit fun). How did you figure out if the plans you made were 'valid' was this when you were booking the ticket or can you verify it first with the milage calculator?

Again, thanks for the info


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Reading what you've said in your 2nd post, it sounds like you have got the idea but given you'd be starting in Europe you couldn't do the overlanding stuff in Europe (if that wasn't just an example). The continent of departure is classed as your first continent.

"The independant travel does not impact on the RTW as long as your departing on the next RTW leg from where you landed with the RTW right?" That is right. On my first RTW trip which was using a Star Alliance ticket I landed in London and saw loads of Europe and Egypt using budget airlines before recommencing my RTW ticket from London. I did similar things with the One World ticket when I got a flight from London-Iceland return and another from London-Rome return (as well as using trains, buses and even a ferry in Eastern Europe including Russia).

Something else you might be able to take advantage of is if you are going to have any spare flights out of the maximum of 20 allowed on the RTW ticket, you can pay an extra fee and get a maximum of 2 extra allowed stops in any of the continents except the one of departure. This would particularly be of benefit if you want to see more of South America because the distances are huge and flights are normally very expensive.

On your way from North America-Australia/Pacific, you could get a flight from Los Angeles-Honolulu-Sydney (could also get some cheap flights in Hawaii to other Hawaiian Islands if you wished).

Making a valid ticket is going to required some work especially whilst fitting Easter Island in. It'd make it even harder if you also wanted to squeeze any Carribbean islands in as well. Sometimes you may find that for cities you want to visit, you may need to change the order of them slightly to get direct flights to make the ticket valid.

To figure out if the itinerary was valid, firstly I'd put it in to the RTW calculator (just using fake dates). In cases like that Easter Island flight which was very hard to make valid, I needed to make sure the fake date I chose was where the GIG-SCL-IPC flights existed, because if you just got a GIG-SCL flight and then a SCL-IPC flight on the same day that weren't the conjoining flight it meant that it wouldn't have been allowed. Then after I'd got it to say it was accepted, I called the travel agent up and wanted to book, but then I got informed that some of the flights I wanted were booked out for RTW class (even though they were for flights almost 12 months in advance). So back to the drawing board I had to go as even for the few days before and after my prefered date it was booked out. So I then had to re order my flights to make it so that I could get a direct flight from one of the cities to the next whilst still allowing the same amount of time in each stop. It took me weeks to get a valid ticket whilst still allowing me to see all of my must see destinations.

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Cool, thanks

Yeah my example of europe travel was just for instance, we are flying in and out of Europe only.

I will take all of that on board when we start to get more serious about it (still a while off yet) but will check in if i have some other questions.

Cheers for the help :)


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LAN Chile has two flights to Easter Island,
Monday and Saturday
the are most time overbookt,but if you voluntare to stay from Saturday till Monday
you get free Hotel,Food,transfer and a voucher for a free flight.
I made it and got my free flight to Punta Arenas.