Any ideas on the best ticket for this route!

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Just wondering if anyone could offer any help on getting the best ticket for the following itineray.

My partner and I are looking at leaving the UK (idealy from Manchester) next July and travelling straight to Bangkok. From there we want to fly to Sydney before heading off to New Zealand (landing at any airport). God knows when we will decide to leave New Zealand but when we do we want to travel to South America. I believe we can only fly to Santiago, Chile from Auckland. Which is fine but we want to travel up to Peru before leaving for the UK.

If anyone has done a similar route or used a particular specialist I would love to hear from you.

Any information, anyone can offer will be much appreciated.

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As far as I am aware the only RTW fare that has flights to South America at the moment is the Oneworld fare. You'd definitely have trouble getting from Peru-UK. I've checked the destination guide I have for the Oneworld alliance and the closest thing is a Lima-Madrid flight. When in South America, you could get a flight from Lima-Buenos Aires or Lima-Rio De Janeiro and then get the flight to London, but no flights exist on the destination guide have have that are direct from Peru-UK. If you are going to all that expense of getting to South America, you should at least try and see a little bit more than just two cities if you can possibly make time for it, because it isn't like it's a continent that you can reach cheaply.

I think about the closest routing to what you want that would probably be valid is something like:

London-Bangkok-Sydney-Auckland-Santiago-Lima-Rio De Janeiro-London. This itinerary works out at 27,592 miles (the airlines may say it's different mainly because the AKL-SCL flight will probably require you to go AKL-PPT-IPC-SCL which will make the mileage 29,104). If this happened it would mean you'd just miss out on a 29,000 mile ticket and have to purchase a 34,000 mile ticket which is a fair bit more expensive. For the itinerary with the ideal option from AKL-SCL, check this link out

You can also check this link out for what it'd look like if they do make you go AKL-PPT-IPC-SCL.

You'd have no chance of getting a valid itinerary like you would prefer from Manchester. You'll need to make your way to London for your initial departure and back from London when the trip ends.

If you go to the One World website and download the pdf file that is a destination guide that would help a lot in you finding a valid route.

Have fun.

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Thank you so much for your post - i've a lot to think about with my route, but at least i'm heading in the right direction now.