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I want to volunteer in Africa next year and wondered if anyone can recommend a site to go through that isnt extortionate! There must be some cheaper than others!

Any sites (UK) would be appreciated!


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Hi cara

There are two very useful Lonely Planet books which should help you: The Gap Year Book, and The Career Break Book. I found both my upcoming volunteer placements in the latter one, and have since found out that I couldn't have chosen better organizations (although I'll be in a better position to say that when I return next year). There are pages and pages of websites, contact numbers and organization descriptions at the back of the books. It's where it all started for me; I narrowed my search down to the priority criteria, ending up with about 50 websites which I then browsed through online. Pricing structures are usually detailed on the sites, and from there it was an easy step to apply online. The better sites answer your questions by email very quickly and are very helpful. Hope this gets the ball rolling for you! Helen

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Hello Cara W:)

Here is a copy and paste of the answer to a question like yours, that somebody asked a while ago.

For volunteering: i have not found an English forum on volunteering travel. I would avoid paid volunteering travel, which seems to be a business by itself. Rather, before your travelling, once you have more or less an itinerary in your mind, contact some of the expats there on the ground (check with http://www.expat-blog.com/en/directory/africa/ ). This is a small but very active blog community with great people. Many of them either work in the aid-world or at least will know people that can help you. So contact those on the ground directly. Don't go through a headquarter in Europe to find short term work (do that only if you want several months of volunteering).
Certainly living on the spot, working, will give you a completely different taste than travelling through, so I would highly advise that...

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hey cara, this post should help you... http://www.travellerspoint.com/forum.cfm?thread=24434 :)

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