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Hi everyone

i am planning to get some work experience in Aus, of course, some travel too! i want to enagage in the hospitality industry.

How should I proceed? getting a working holiday visa first then look for job after arrive Aus or get hold a job first then apply for the work visa/ working holiday visa ? a friend of mine told that if you accepted by the company in advance(well, meaning applied via internet), they will help do the visa thingy for you.

the working holiday visa just allows working 6-month for any employer, that means i need to find another new job after that, yet, i would prefer a rather stable one.

need your advice!


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The working holiday visa is intended for people who want to go traveling through Australia, with the work being only incidental in order to offset the costs. There's not much of any kind of control on this, but if you told immigration your intention as you stated it here, they would (as I understand it) not give you a working holiday visa.
So, if you're really going for the work experience, I'd indeed try getting a company to sponsor you so you can apply for a working visa.

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check out the australian immigration website, everything you need to know about visas is contained in

are you a student? if you are there is visas which allow you to get work experience in your field such as the sponsered training visa.