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ATW with checked baggage

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1. Posted by Swenigale (Travel Guru 31 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hello. I'm hoping some traveler out there can help me. My husband and I leave to travel ATW in just 10 days. Our trip involves flights and cruises, so we will be traveling with 3 or 4 checked bags. Since we will arrive in NZ by cruise ship, and not by air, our subsequent flight on Quantas (through BA) from CHCH to Sydney to London to Munich since it originates in NZ will not allow us the 2 pcs/pp baggage allowance. I suspect there may be a problem with Aegean in our short hop from Munich to Athens, as well.

Because 2/3 of our ATW trip is on cruise ships we will be bringing more clothes than many of our TP backpacking friends (our choice, obviously)! But we don't want to get socked with unexpected airline charges. I am hoping a printout of all of our travel plans will be enough to get us the "by piece" allowance from the airlines. My phone call to Quantas didn't give me any more help than that "maybe". Any thoughts or similar experiences?

2. Posted by Buttfish (Respected Member 298 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

you may want to try to cut that down to a bag each, if you can. it willl help when you go on the various airlines, and it'll be better accomodating if you buy any new things.

a few years back, i went on a vacation with my family - only a month and a half, and it was in europe, to visit family, though we made it a road trip and drove through many places. each of us had one bag (there's four of us) - the four bags were fairly irritaing. they took up too much space (even though they were fairly small), and half the time one of us ended up pulling two of them at once to and from the hotel/car/airport/etc (since we took shared the burden, more or less)...and it was a pretty laid back trip.

so..maybe cut down on what you're'll notice all the things you won't use when they're there.