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1. Posted by SAITcouple (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi all

Another one from us – thought we’d split up our many questions to make for easier reading, coz we have lots! 

So now we’re wondering where it would be best for us to try to find teaching work in S.A. – we’re both TEFL qualified.

We’re hoping to leave London in November, but have come to discover that teachers are hired in January. This would mean that we would need to land somewhere where we could support ourselves for 2 months before finding work either in the same or else neighbouring country.

If anyone could help us with info on where it would be easiest to find work, it would be a great help. We realize that this is a bit vague, but we’re still at the beginning faze of figuring out where to go, so some guidance would be great.

We’ve read that it’s possible to find shorter periods of work in Brazil, but is this also possible in countries in the west / north such as Peru or Equador? If not and we need to stay somewhere for 6 months or so, we would ideally like to find work closer to the coast (after 2 years in land-locked London!!) – any ideas?

Would the money we make teaching only be enough to support ourselves or would it be possible to save a bit?

How long does it usually take to find work?

Once again, any help for these two budding travelers would be super helpful!

S + F

2. Posted by AndyB24 (Respected Member 167 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I´m sitting at the south american explorers club in quito, ecuador and there is 4 jobs for teachers on the message board here. At other times there have been many more, one paying $20 an hour for english instruction.

One of them is for the galapogas islands, pay is accomodation and $300 a month.. A lot of places here are just after volunteers to work for room and board, but there are payed jobs if you look for them.

3. Posted by SAITcouple (Budding Member 8 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi hi!

Thanks for the super quick reply :)

What are u up to in quito? Just passing through or are you staying there for a while?

What type of accommodation are you staying in there? How much is it costing you?
Where did you come from before? Did it cost you a lot to get into the Equador?

How long have you been in S.A? How has your budget managed?

Sorry for all the questions!!! But we need to find out as much as possible in a somewhat teeny tiny time frame, so we're going to have to bug people a lot :)

Hope u're having a super time!

S + F

4. Posted by AndyB24 (Respected Member 167 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I´ve been in quito for about 4 months-with a month in colombia in between.

I was working at a hostel here, and have stayed in a few since then, currently living at the explorers club.

Dorm rooms cost between $5.50and $12ish with most around 7, private rooms start at $6pp in one place i know, but most around $10pp, with private bathroom.

i came direct to Quito by bus from Lima, 36 hours, forget how much, around 60-70 i think, much better to break it up!

Have been here about 5 months now, starting to run low on money, but will be enough to see me home.

To help with your budget:
Almuerzos cost between $1 and $2, usually juice, soup, and rice with chicken.

Busses all cost 25 cents around town, and there is a bus to take you anywhere you need to go, you just have to find it!

Restuarants in the new part of town cost $4-8 for dinner or more depends which one. Can find cheaper places if you look, chinese and indian restuarants seem to be quiet cheap, and usually good!

Apartments are available for $100-600 a month depending on what you´re after, and if you cook your own food, and shop at the markets in old town, it can be quiet cheap.

Out of town bus travel is around $1 an hour.

Hope that helps,
ask away if you need to know more.