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1. Posted by Noseclump (Respected Member 301 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,

Ok...Next year I'll be going on a RTW trip of sorts. During the second half, I'll be going through several Asian countries. I've just been reading up on visas, and I ask this - how does everyone go about it? Do you (if you know your itinerary, I mean) get everything before you leave your home country, or apply for visas as you go (if you're more laid back)?

A few years back we had to apply for a visa on the go for Macedonia, and that took about a day - so I know it's possible, though the timing may vary. I'm just wondering if it's ok to be done on the go...I like flexibility...even if it's a little time consuming (I'm not running anywhere).

Thanks in advance!


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If you state what Asian countries you are referring to either myself or someone else would probably be able to tell you the answers, but without the countries I could only say that in some cases you'd be fine but others it'd be a lot better to get them before you go.

Unless you wont be entering for more than 3 months from the date you leave home, getting a visa prior to departure is essential if Russia is one of those countries (unless you feel like spending a couple of weeks in one spot or paying a small fortune for priority processing).

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you know, i dished out the post - but now i see if i asked me the same thing, i would probably say the same. oi.

i will be gone from home for about three months (though i return for a couple of weeks before leaving again), so there is a bit of time to get things ahead of time. the thing is, i would be taking it slow when i leave again - so staying somewhere for a couple of weeks works well with me. i wouldn't mind doing that to get visas for the next few places. i was just wondering if it wasn't completely foolish to do so.

i looked at the map, and even traveling by bus or train through countries i won't be visiting, i would need a visa - which in the end would be a whole lot more visas to think about (:S) - and getting them all during the two weeks i'm home - sounds a little nuts. especially since i have a loose plan - not a day-to-day itinerary like many others. my plan is to have a few key time points (which is where i would get the visas way beforehand or at home) - sort of to keep pace and keep a sort of assurance (depending on the region).

and..yeah, russia IS one of them. their requirements are insane! that one definitely has a star next to it..

thank you for replying. i'm sorry for not being more specific