Not a city girl; so where's great place to live in S.A

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I've just moved to Buenos Aires for a year. I'm teaching English at the moment, but deciding that this city life is not my cup of tea. I don't know too much Spanish yet, but and desperate to learn. I'm looking for a great place to live where I can enjoy the outdoors, culture, and learn the language. One of my friends has been a tour guide in S.A. and I was wondering if that would be something fun to do instead of living in one place. I'm completely open for suggestions, advice, and travel partners. I've been in BA for 6 or 7 weeks and plan on staying in SA until June of 2008. Any feedback will be much appreciated!

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Outdoors and culture don't sit well together in SA. But you could consider one of the smaller cities in Argentina. Personally I particularly liked Corrientes and Tucumán; Salta's wonderful as well, but a tad too touristy for my taste. And of course there's Cordoba, but that may be too big for you.

Further south, there's really only nature; splendid, but it must be slightly boring to live there. However, Ushuaia is kinda lively (though expensive).

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In Argentina I'd really say Tucuman is a great place to live!
And as I'm a Brazilian living in Lima/Peru, and not a city girl as well, I'd say in Brasil you should go somewhere in Minas Gerais (there you're gonna learn Portuguese kkk) and if in Peru, Chorrillos (southern Lima) is a very calm neighborhood and people's very kind around here.


Isabel :)

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I support the comment of bentivogli about Salta, out of the turism spots Salta is a beutiful and colonial city and is a great place for young people who like to meet other and make friends...

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I woudl really recommend Cordoba. Despite the fact that it's a bit city, it doesn't really feel like that at all. The centre is quite condensed.

It's a university city, so there's a nice student vibe about the place. The people are really friendly too. Great restaurants, good nightlife.

In terms of the outdoors, within a half an hour from Cordoba by bus you can be in the Sierras. There are beautiful little towns up in the hills including Alta Gracia, Che Guevaras childhood home.

Aslo, Cordoba is a great base from which to see the rest of the country as it is moreorless smack in the middle.

Other than that, Bariloche is a nice spot in terms of the outdoors - lots of hiking, skiiing, etc. but it is a little touristy for me.

Anyway, hope that helps ;)