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2 Young travellers starting in Canada December this year, we are planning on spending around a month in Canada would like to see the east and west coast, just wondering where the best places are to see, and what the prices are like? We are on a tight budget and like to see nice things but for resonable prices.
Also what are the hostel prices like? Where can we go to get best value for money? What is the price of living in Canada compared to UK. Can we eat out and drink for reasonable?

All help would be much appreciated

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one month isn't enough ;), It will be winter, but I always like the west coast during this time, if you can handle the rain... try a nice drive through the mountains, like Jasper - Lake Louise/Banff - Vancouver . . . out west be sure to visit Vancouver Island and check out places like Victoria and Tofino. I just took a ferry ride from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert via the "inside passage" and it was one of the nicest trips i've been on in Canada. Cost per person is about $100, and with a car it's even more, but definetly worth the trip, as it's a 15 hour ride through deep narrow channels that wind north almost to Alaska. Hostel prices will cost somewhere around $20 - $30/night I believe. I would think that if you eat out 3 times a day your looking @ another $30, so I'd make my own lunches etc. Price of living should be relatively cheaper. Drinks run for around $5 - $7 a pint.


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If you want to see all of Canada in one month, you'll have to fly (& drive a little). Few Europeans truly appreciate how large Canada is. Someone told me once that you can fit half of continential Europe into one of our provinces (we have 6 large ones + 4 small ones + 4 large territories in the far north).

There's basically 3 major tourist stops. Atlantic coast/provinces, the Montreal/Quebec City-Toronto-Ottawa triangle, and the Pacific coast/Rockies. You can spend 2-3 weeks in each of those stops easily, so your tour will be abbreviated. I suggest renting a car instead of going by public transport to save time. If you can pick 2 of the 3 stops, or even 1 of the 3 stops, you're more reasonable.

Cost of living is generally cheaper than UK (especially London).