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I was wondering if anyone had ever worked at an American summer camp before? I've been for 4 years, and have managed to combine a bit of work with a lot of travel! My summers would feel sparse and empty without camp now, I couldn't imagine spending a summer at home anymore.

Has anyone else been to camp or thinking about going?

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Hey, i went to a summer camp 3 years ago and loved it. was a camp for underpriviledged kids, was the funnest thing i've ever done. really wanna head back 2 the states next year and would love 2 work at a camp again so hopefully that all goes as planned What state is your camp in, and wot kinda camp is it??

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I worked at a summer camp in florida a couple years ago. I have to say, it was a great way to spend the summer. I loved being outdoors all the time and having fun with my campers. The only downside was that its a full time, 24 hour a day job. Though you get time off, you're never really off because at our camp, we had to stay on the campgrounds. We had every other weekend off for a day and a half. If you can handle being "on-call" all the time, then summer camp is a great way to spend the summer.

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hi there

im currently in the process of applying for camp america!

havent been for an interview yet so cant give many details but ideally id like to be situated in a camp near new york as this is a place i wud def like to visit after camp!

maybe u guys could answer some questions i have or give any useful advice that u have gained during ur travels??

with regards to camp(i know every camp will be different) but in general whats is an average day like(wot time do u wake up,have lunch,go to sleep,is there interent access for camp workers to keep in touch with home etc etc)

what for you was the best and most rewarding aspects of camp life??

also with regards to travelling after camp,i hope to stay for two months and travel the east and west coats,il b doing it on a budget and am willing to stay in cheap accomodation and eat basic food. how much money roughly wud u reccomend i take?do u have any transport/hostel tips u cud give ??

im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!