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I am planning a trip in the South of Argentina in January and any suggestions would be really helpful. The plan so far is to make our way to El Calafate (from BA) and work our way back up through Bariloche, villa la angostura, San martin de los andes, and Mendoza (roughly).. We have about 3 weeks to do this, so hopefully that will be enough time.. The main questions I have are to do with time, transport between these places, and accomodation.

Specifically if anyone has any tips on:
-Car rental
-Bus trips
-Cabanas in San Martin/Villa la angostura
-Or anything else, I would be really grateful

Ive just signed up here, and have already found the site so helpful..



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That sounds a splendid trip. At the moment I am considering taking my driving licence so I can hire a car too so it would be interesting to hear thoughts on that. Pro's and con's.

As far as the rest of the post goes I am sure my wife mentioned a site. Not sure if I am allowed to post a link so I will message it to you. I had a look and it had lots of info but I only had a few mins to look so not absolutely sure on the relevance.

Enjoy your trip and remember to report back on any useful info.

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Im in the middle of my southamerican trip, and heading down to BA to meet up with my parents for a couple of months. We are planning a trip down to patagonia and were thinking in renting a car and doing similar thing as you mentioned. I will start my research from BA in a week or two, so i will let you know what i can find out about prices and stuff, ok??

I cant wait! it is gonna be an awesome trip!

take care!

x x Miriam x x

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Im just in the middle of my trip upwards of what your gona do. Currently writing from San Martin.

As for hostels etc theyre in abundance but prob good to book ahead every few days if your gona be here then. It{ll be busy then id imagine. El Calafate to Bariloche up Ruta 40 which is closed in winter, but will be open in summer id imagine will take bout 30 - 35hrs id say. Well it took me near 50 going round the other way. Buses are good, cheap and really comfy compared to uk ones. No probs with those apart from booking ahead when your here as well.

If you decide to go over east coast to see the Whale Watching in Puerto Madryn id suggest rent a car if theres a few of you as it works out cheaper than going on the tours in town by about 30 - 40 pesos.

Good Hostel to stay in:

El Calafate is America Del Sur.
El Chalten is Rancho Grande
Esquel - HI one on Av San Martin 661 - i cant remember its name
Bariloche - Hostel Patanuk, Av Manuel de Rosas. Its below the road beside the lake

Most of these are either dorms or private rooms and range from 20 -40 pesos per night.
Some esp one in Bariloche is a Spanish family home and is really really good. Very Relaxed and like to have people around.

As for more i cant say as im heading on to Buenos Aires tomorrow so that should help now!

Cheers and enjoy the better weather i hope - been in Bariloche a week and had bout 2 good days.


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Cheers for the replies... thanks for the link tricky.... checked out America del sur hostel, looks really cool. Should have some info to add soon.

Cheers again guys

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Have to recommend possibly using the bus service (cheap and very very comfy... you get meals, reclining seats and we even got some champagne and a whisky on the trip to Puerto Madryn)

Being Welsh I have to recommend Puerto Madryn (and Gaiman inland) where there are WElsh settlers... however... you can go down the West Coast down to Rio Gallegos and then across to Calafate (Moreno Glacier!)

America del sur was fine (bit out of town though)

El Chalten was a brilliant place as you don't have to pay to get in and there are loads of brilliant walks around Mount Fitzroy (so it's cheaper)

Now.... Ruta 40..... hmmm..... bus company that runs it is called Chalten Travel and your trip might be better than ours was (however.... it's a long and rough trip to Bariloche)

Bariloche is lovely.

January........ OK.... here's the bad news..... it's peak peak season in Argentina in January so I'd really suggest setting yourself a definative route and book the hostels for the entire trip (especially Bariloche, Calafate, Chalten and BA).... definately Bariloche (we struggled to get a bed 2 weeks ahead of arriving there!)

Hire car is fun and easy but driving in Argentina (especially the cities can be a scary scary experience)

Check out our blog if you want ( and you can see what to expect as we did it in January / February.

Hope this helps


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