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1. Posted by chris_k (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hi there i am thinking of doing a bit of traveling around oz and newzealand and try and fit in a bit of work to keep me going as well as my funds. i've been told about sta and i've had a look at some of the real gap year programmes. would be good to hear som feed back of what other people found with them. or is there anyone else to use.

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hey chris,

i booked my flights to oz with sta and they were brill, so helpful and i got a good price too.
i'm going to south america next year and i spent a day getting quotes from different travel agents... and again, sta came out top.

i never worked in oz but i'm pretty sure you wont struggle to find work there and in nz... maybe someone who has will be able to help ya...

i would jus book the flights, get your working visa sorted and then look for work once you're out there. you'll find something.

oh... and stop thinking about it... jus go for it... it'll be the best thing you've ever done ;)

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I would be inclined to do it independently rather than going through any of the programmes. I went through a bunac programme for canada, and did australia and new zealand independently. While I thoroughly enjoyed the canada experience, i think there are so many people doing their working holidays in NZ and OZ that it's really easy to go it alone. the gap year programmes will add unnecessary costs to your trip - it would be nice to have inductions etc when you get there but you will have no problem going it alone and meeting people independently in oz or nz. backpacker hostels are the best places to meet people - head to one of these on your arrival, and get a guidebook such as lonely planet and you should have no problems. the gap year programmes will also apply for your visa for you, but it's really no problem doing this yourself.
hope this helps a little!

4. Posted by MattXIII (Full Member 272 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Nearly everywhere i go i book my flight with STA,, i cried a bit when i turned 26 :(

Have done one package tour with them and it felt like the real deal, theres no pansy bloody hotels or sticking to tourist traps.

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hey i went through real gap when i went australia aug06-july07 and i have to say they are good for the phone and bank account but i would deffo say do it yourself! they do say they help you out with jobs which they do if you want to wash dishes for 40 hours and get paid hardly nothing! and they always say its the busy season for jobs when you ask them! you have more look getting a job through an agency and at a hostel then real gap which is called "work and travel" in australia!

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