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1. Posted by kobalt_345 (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I've decided to forget about the adventure trip and go for a year long one. I want to explore the world not really knowing where I end up. I need some advice though. Has anybody here gone on a year long trip working abroad to support themselves? If so what are the best countries for people to get work abroad in? And most importantly How much money did you start off with when you left? not including the price of your ticket that is. Oh and also what kind of ticket did you buy? should i be looking at rtw tickets or should I start of with just a ticket to OZ for example then from OZ work (picking apples for example) to save up for my next ticket etc. Any help would be great.
I really need a rough idea as too how much money I should be starting of with on this trip to see if I can actually do this.

BTW jsut to add, I plan on roughing it and the kind of countries I'd be interesting in seeing/working in are...australia, china, thailand, fiji, singapore, vietnam maybe somewhere in south america or america...I'm not expecting to go to all these places but I thought I'd mention the kind of countries I was interested in so you had an idea on how much money you think I should be starting out with



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Chances of your finding legal gainful employment are scarce in any other developing world nation.

There are milllions upon millions of under/unemployed people there with little hope of a better future.

3. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I think that the only places you mentioned that you'd have much chance of getting work would be Australia and America (maybe work in a hostel to pay for accommodation but not much else without a working visa). You should be able to get a working visa for Australia and that'd help get you on the way with the other things.

If you just got a flight to Australia (which if you're adventurous and get the right dates could be pretty cheap), then you can after seeing Australia see Asia and maybe then get a flight to USA. If you want to do South America, it is probably going to work out cheaper to get a RTW ticket as flights from Australia-anywhere in South America aren't cheap nor are they to get from South America to USA. If you chose the latter option you would need to plan your dates pretty well, because if you needed to change the dates, it might mean having to wait quite a while until a vacancy appears in L class for a flight involving South America (the class an economy oneworld RTW ticket needs to be booked in). Someone a while back had an incident where they needed to leave earlier than planned on a flight involving South America and without spending well over $1000 for a new flight, they were going to be stuck for more than one month.

The best I can advise for money before travelling is work as hard as you possibly can in multiple jobs if possible before leaving home saving as much as you possibly can. The more money you have before you leave, the more fun you'll be able to have whilst away. The less you need to work to support yourself while you are away the better off you will be. How much you would require would depend on if you planned on working straight away, planned on travelling for a while before looking for work etc. If you were extremely lucky, you could get by with as little of 2000GBP (not including the cost of airfares), but this would require you to not be unemployed for long and would also mean not a lot of fun for a while. Ideally you'd want a minimum of 5000GBP (after you've paid for the airfares) but more if possible.

Have a great trip.