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Hello There

We will have a 24 hour stop over in New York, coming inot JFK and going out from La Guardia. Please advise opn where to stay and what to do. We are a mixed bag of a family, 2 teenagers - guess what they will want!! I like art, buildings and gardens. My husband likes boats, walking, and machines. Please help!!

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there is so much to see in NYC - it's hard to say what i would choose for 24 hours.
Central park is lovely, especially as you said you liked parks. you could go for a walk across booklyn bridge, visit the museum of modern art, or the guggenheim musem, do a boat trip to staten island for a view of the skyline and the statue of liberty. also of course, the empire state building. you could do a trip into harlem which is interesting; greenwich village and tribeca are also interesting districts. times sqaure is also worth a trip. For shopping try macys or bloomingdales. you won't be able to fit all this in in a day but you could choose a few things if you planned your day well.
i stayed in a decent budget/mid-range called the wolcott (near macys) - this was many years ago but it might be worth checking out.

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Hi Bex
THat's a great start, and I will look into the Woolcott, my first look at hotel prices was horrifying! Are there local markets or street music places?

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Hi Jane

I don't know of any markets I'm afraid, but I'm sure there must be plenty on flea markets in NYC. Not sure about street music places.

For budget hotels you could try the accommodation section on this site or on hostelworld.com as both list budget hotels as well as hostels.

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You'll definately want to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge! You'll get a good view of the parks on the brooklyn side and the Buildings on the manhattan side, your husband will get a nice walk and a view of the boats. As far as street markets go, do you mean food? The greenmarket in Union Square is pretty amazing, if you're there on a Monday, Wedensday, Friday or Saturday.
If I was only spending 24 hours in New York, I would walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (starting from the Brooklyn side, Bourough hall on the 2,3,4,5 trains or Court Street on the N or the R) walk across the bridge, you'll be in City Hall Park. From there you can walk up Broadway, stopping in Chinatown for shopping or snacking or pretty much anything, then walk up Broadway through Soho until you get to the market in Union square. Or you could go the other direction.
Chelsea Market is an indoor market on the west side, it is also fun though, i think, a little on the pricey side. If you want to stick closer to midtown, the indoor food market under Grand Central can be great, though crowded. There are some really good stands in the food court and also a few corridors filled with vendors. Grand Central is just plain fun.
I hope you actually meant food markets. I love food markets, I once took a guy to a grocery store as a first date. We didn't even buy anything, and it was a good time.
Have fun in New York!

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Was in nyc just a couple of days ago. One thing; take advantage of the subway (MTA) METRO- PASS before it is significantly increased in price (which apparently is going to happen soon) for a meager 7 bucks you can whip around underneath Manhattan and be flung across bridges to Brooklyn and other places unlimited, for the entire day! Great for families. Easy to purchase from the subway stations as well. - Kevin

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Hi - just got back from the US on Sunday and stayed 5 days in New York. We stayed at Hotel 17 which is on East 17th Street in Gramercy. It was a great hotel - small, as I believe all NY hotels are but not too expensive and it was clean and great location - great pizza down the street, and a good All American Diner as well 'Lyric Diner'. Would stay there again. Hope you have fun.

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Get to Times Square--the center of the universe (if you don't count London's Covent Garden area).


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