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I´m looking for a paradisiac beach to enjoy my honeymoon, in November.

1) Could you please recommend a beautiful, clean, dream like beach?

2) Any tips on a hotel, but not a commercial huge one, with thousands of tourists. I´m looking for something more exclusive, typical, charming and romantic.

Thanks a million!

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You are definitely talking about Mancora, in Tumbes, the north of Peru, near Ecuador.

White sand beach, great ocean, very few people, perfect weather 345 days a year, great houses for rent, bungalows and hotels. (Not all pack together but well distributed)

This is how 1 day works renting a house or bungalow (all are right in on the beach):

Wake up around 8 or 9 am... open your window and get amazed by the paradise you have at your feet. Just at that time (and not earlier) fisherman will be arriving to the beach… your beach.

Of course you walk the ten steps to their boat to mingle with the locals... A cup of coffee on hand:

- What you catch? You ask in your best Spanish.

The answer: Lenguado (sole), Langosta (lobster), almejas (clams)

- And what’s that huge thing?! You ask when you see a two hands size shell:
An oyster the fisherman answers...

Your feel like lighting up the BBQ so decided to ask for a price. You don't know if to laugh or what when you hear... "30 soles por todo" (US$8.00 for the whole package -2 midsize soles, 1 big lobster, 6 huge clams and 1 enormous oyster)

You give the man 50 soles (12 bucks) and walk 10 steps back to your house. There is Maria (The maid) and you proudly show her what you got... she seems happy and calls her daughter who for a small tip will prepare a local "Ceviche" (And I promise this will be the best one u ever tried... the original one) while Antonio (Maria’s husband who takes care of the garden) is already taking gathering wood for the fire.

You wake your tired husband (Or he wakes up you :)) put on the swimming suits and go out for a swim

OH DECISIONS... where do we bath? On the open quite ocean or we go to one of the many rock natural pools?

After whatever you do, you go back to your bungalow, room or house and rest a bit on the hammock (Or whatever you wish to do in it)

Once you are out of the hammock fire is running, fishes and lobster are cleaned and ready for the BBQ. You (Or Maria) through them in and while you wait Maria's daughter appears with a bowl of oysters and clams ceviche... of course you open a cold beer (Or prepare a Pisco sour, bloody Marie or whatever you like) and start enjoying that incredible fresh and simple lunch.

Once you are done there is room for nothing else but a nap on the sand with the sound of the ocean as background. Of course there is no one around...

You wake up a bit later and see 4 beautiful horses walking towards you...

Quiere pasear a cabayo? Do you wanna ride the horse on the beach?

Maybe yes maybe not, for me it was a yes... 1 hour of a good horse only US$ 11... that is definitely the best horse ride ever...

Come back from the horse, another time for leisure, then shower, change to light cloths, told Antonio to get you a "Cholo Taxi" (A motorbike taxi for three passengers) and go out for dinner at one of the small charming restaurants of town (Town is only 5 minutes away)

After wine and dinner, a little walk and back to the house, bungalow or room... I leaf the night for imagination...

Next morning...

OHHH, We have to do it all over again... what a hard live...

Of course, maybe you change lunch or dinner at home to a visit to the dinning room of one of the surrounding hotels... you are tired for the ocean so you choose the hotel pool and of course, since you got lunch or/and drinks, pool comes free.

Of course you have to get there and from Lima you can take a bus or fly (Bus 140 soles (40 dollars) for 14 hours in "Bed seats") (US$ 80 for a short flight (Including taxes)
Hotels: Start from 20 to 100 US$ per person.
Houses: There are many and can start from 100 a day (With room for much more than 2 and include maid)
There is the option to rent a luxury house (there are many on the area) with an excellent professional chef and other services.
Also, it is a great area for water sports (Lots of world class surfers visit its break points) and Hemingway use to fish near the area. One of the best sea fishing of the world.

The most famous hotel in Mancora (Not for backpacking) is Las Pocitas, but there are a lot more

By the way and as I said, Mancora has very few visitors through the year but avoid: New years week and 28 of July week (Peruvian holidays) for me the best time to go is between April to December.

Whether: 25 Celsius... a bit of wind on the afternoons some times.

I can help anybody with more info and planning. Have organized many trips and honeymoons to the area... including mine. Let me know if I can be of help.

Hope this helps. Go to Mancora and talk to me for help/assistance/professional tour planning.

Have lots of fun!

98% excellent reports since 1998

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3 recommendations here in Brazil:
Buzios, near Rio de Janeiro;
Trancoso or Arraial da Ajuda, near Porto Seguro;
Canoa Quebrada, near Fortaleza.
search the internet about the 3 of them, and you'll have nice surprises.