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1. Posted by CharlieB69 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

After saving for 2 years the time has finally come around for me begin my travels.

South east London born & bred guy heading out to Sydney...arriving 28th December

I plan to stay in Sydney for about a month...staying in the Funkhouse....and plan to people & just enjoy myself basically...after a month I'll be doing one of those Oz experience tour bus things where I'll be spending the next 2 months touring...has anyone done one of these b4...any good ?

Once the tour is finished I'm heading over to New Zealand for a month where I'll be doing a similar thing.

Next stop Fiji for a week

Then onto Thailand for 4-5 months

Finally hitting Japan around October for 2 months and then returning to London

Out of the places I've listed can anyone recommend places to go...things to do etc ?
Are any of you gonna be in the same place at the same time ?


2. Posted by hey_monkee (Respected Member 430 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

As a NZer myself, I know both NZ and Aussie pretty well - if you have specific questions on these countries, pm me if u like :)

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If you are travelling in New Zealand, South Island would be a good start. The best way to travel is to hire a campervan and go around at will. It comes with bed, kitchen and shower. It is pretty cheap. 2 weeks will not do full justice but you can see it pretty well. Christchurch, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Te Anau are some of the places where you would like to go around. Cant miss the glaciers.

THen you can take the ferry and cross to the North Island and go around. Again, you can do it in a week and can see a good portion of it if you have your own transport. Rotorua and Bay of Plenty will be highlights. Have a great holiday
Tim Alpe

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hi Charlie

your plans sound great. I have been to all the countries you mentioned so send me a personal message if you need any specific advice.

on new year's eve in Sydney (I am sure you have already planned this) get down to the harbour early to watch the fireworks. we got there for around 1pm and got a great view from somewhere near Mrs Macquarie's point.

In New Zealand try magic bus or stray bus for backpacker travel. Kiwi experience also offer a similar service with a bit more of a party theme.

in Fiji many backpackers do a package with 'awesome adventures' - they do a variety of packages. I did a 5 day one round the yasawa islands. everything is organised for you. I have also heard good things about Feejee experience - this is more of a cultural trip than a beach holiday so it depends what you want.

for Japan make sure you get a Japan rail pass as it will save you heaps of money. This must be done before you enter Japan and validated when you get there. There are various passes available.

I should be in NZ from February onwards if you want to drop me a line.

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I've done the RTW trip and just got home 5 months ago. It's such an amazing experience.

In Oz, the Oz Experience is great if you're looking for a party session the whole way. It's generally 19-25yr olds and its pretty much a mission of getting wasted every nite (although, that's a generalisation, not a rule!). That didn't suit us so we used the Greyhound and made it up as we went along.

In NZ we booked onto Magic which was great. Really enjoyed it. Some friends did stray and said it was pretty quiet and they took you to some really random out of the way spots that were just boring. I think Kiwi experience is similar to Oz one. We would have liked to do NZ by campervan or smilar but we heard the roads aren't great in parts and as we were there just at the end of their winter apparently some of the roads can be impassable so we were advised against it.

In Fiji we also did the Awesome Adventures stuff. We didn't really know what we wanted to do so we just booked the stayput package and stayed in one resort for 4 days. We used that time to decide and speak to other travellers as to where to go and where to avoid. We did island hopping for the rest of our time there. It worked out really well. The accommodation in Fiji can vary greatly. Some resorts are pure basic with no electricity etc or they can be lovely with fab accomm. Depends what you're looking for really. I found it a huge escape. It was great.

Japan sounds awesome. My ex lives there now. It's apparently very very expensive so seeing as you have that at the end you'll have to be saving like mad!!!

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Hiya Mate,

been to fiji and NZ myself and only just arrived in oz so im no help there! BUT.... NZ is an amazing country - summer or winter - the south island is definitely the place to be if u want amazing scenery - not sure what it's like in summer as I was there through the winter season (Queensland and Wanaka are great if your into skiing or snowboarding or skydives or bungee jumps) but was on the North Island for about 9 months.
Auckland is really cool, but its pretty hectic - just like any major city I guess- but there is always something on and usually free festivals etc through summer. Personally Wellington was my fave city - really boho and cool and small enough that u wont get lost. If your only there for a month - all i can say is 'STAY LONGER!!' honestly I loved it. I was on the Kiwi experiance which was cool, but a bit too partyish really. It's good for meeting people but unless ur up for getting wrecked every night and missing scenery cos ur sleeping off a hangover I wouldnt reccommend it. Heard good things about Stray and Magic especially as on your route u can go back on your self.
Fiji - was there for about a month, but this was before the military coup so it may have changed. Nadi is ok and while we were in Suva it rained non stop but the north and north east of Viti Levu (the main island) are beautiful. The Island s are also unbelievable, great diving and snorkelling. Try not to gt ripped off by shop owners, just say no and stick to it.

Anyway if u want any more in depth info just get in touch n let me know.



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Quoting wooley37

(Queensland and Wanaka are great if your into skiing or snowboarding or skydives or bungee jumps) but was on the North Island for about 9 months.

You would be referring to Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand and not Queensland which is in Australia. Queensland is one of the hotter regions of Australia all year round and probably hasn't has enough snow to skii or snowboard since the last ice age.

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