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Can anybody recommend a cheap safe hostel/hotel in Caracas, where they have stayed and not had any problems.
Also, advice on whether it is wise to book in advance or just turn up would be appreciated. Any websites or email addresses would be useful to.

I dont want to spend more than about $20 a night, but am aware that may not get me the best neighbourhood.


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I´ll be there in October. The trusty guide book says that the area called Sabana Grande is a safer area to stay. A couple of hotels around the $20 mark are:

Nuestro - Calle Colegio and Av Casanova
Cristal - Pasaje Asuncion and Av Abraham Lincoln tel: 761 9131

I´ll probably head to Cristal.



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Sabana Grande is not a safe place at all.

And it will be very hard to book in advance any hotel because the most of hotels are 'LOVE hotel'

which means they rent a room for sex like 2 to 3 hours during the day time.

So if you come up early in the morning, they will definetely say they have no room.

In Sabana Grande, there's a hotel that name is Backpacker's hostel, but it's not a hostel at all,

but there're some travellers(Just because of it's name). But around that place is not a safe area.

You should extremely careful in the night.(Actually just do not go out after 5 to 6 pm, I mean it!)

About the price of hotel, it's from 70,000 Bs to 150,000 Bs.

Whatever it is, room is small or dirty, or both.(They rent a room for sex. do not forget that)

I found a little bit better hotel in Sabana Grande which name is 'Embassy Hotel'

It looks better but whenever i go there, they said they had no room. so i didn't have

a chance to stay there.(They have a WIFI!!)

For changing money, you'd better do it at the airport.

Never do it in Centro. - They are all cheater!!

Current changing rate for black market is 4,000 Bs per 1 USD.

The most important thing i can tell you is,

Do not stay any night in Caracas. It's worse than hell.

good luck.


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Taking advice from BeHappy and looking at a few other forums it seems like the Altamira district would be a better option than sabana grande. I just rang and reserved a room at the Residencia Montserrat and they said it was 33,000 bolivars a night, which is like US$15. So it looks cheap and in a better area.

Note: They said that they would only guarantee the room up to 6pm, but I arrive at 9pm. They said I must reconfirm on the day of arrival to secure the room. Dunno if they speak English.

here´s a picture and map:
their phone number is: +58 (0) 21226 33533

I can give you a report when I´ve been there on 18th Oct. I´ll probably take a look around Sabana Grande as well to see what it´s like.


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Hi Steve,

would be most interested in how you find Caracas in General and how the Hostel / hotel is as we plan to be there in the New Year.

Any info would be cool... looking forward to the post


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I gave some bad advice in my last post. Sorry for the error but I will correct it here:

I staying at the hotel Montserrat which was a bit more expensive than I understood on the telephone. Their rate was 173,000 Bolivares which is about $90 official exchange rate or about $40 on the black market exchange rate. that was for a double room. (the cheapest they have). The hotel is in Altamira a very safe area. No problems here.

I also looked around Sabana Grande. this is a busy shopping street by day and in the evening there are many street performers. The area seems fine but might be dodgy late at night like after midnight. The hotel Cristal which is just of the main street (Av Abraham Lincon) between metro Sabana Grande and plaza Venezuela seemed pretty good at 80,000 Bs which is about $20 (black market rate).

Caracas itsef is a bit expensive, noisy, and with heavy traffic. Not much to see in the city itself but you can rock climb in La Gauirita or climb the Avila mountain.

When you go to Venezuela bring dolares to change on the black market. You will pay half as much. Just ask hotel staff to help find someone to change cash.


Steve (in Mérida right now)

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Hi Steve,

great post..... most interesting and since we should be there the New Year... all the more relevant!

I´m assuming there´s a limit to the amount of USD you can take into the country........ or is it a case of as much as you need etc.

How are you travelling around.... bus, Taxi, private car.....

Just so I get a better idea of what to expect.

So far eveyone I´ve met that has been to Caracas hasn´t really liked it, however, nice to hear it first hand

Looking forward to your next entry,


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The limit on the amount cash that you can bring in is probably like more than $10,000 but they don´t check at the airport. I am currently spending about $25 a day on average but that doesn´t include many guided excursions. Bring what you think you will need and a bit more. You can also change euros if that´s easier.

I´ve been travelling around by bus which is very easy. Between mayor destinations buses leave when full which is pretty quick. If you go off the beaten track there are minibuses (porpuestos) or 4x4 jeeps. Taxis are posible as well but more expensive. Even the smallest villages have some kind of public transport. A bus costs about $1 for about 1-2 hours of journey time. Venezuelans are very friendly and helpful and they will tell you where to catch transport.

hope this helps,


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Hi keef!!

I live in caracas and I helped Steve for change..etc you can ask him


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