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How long does it take to travel from Moscow to St Petersberg

Travel Forums Europe How long does it take to travel from Moscow to St Petersberg

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11. Posted by travelbug_ (Respected Member 110 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I'm pretty excited because I got a great flight deal. Booked with Fly Niki- from Vienna to Moscow for 49 euros pp (including tax) . Now I just have to find a flight back from St Petersburg to Vienna :)

12. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Congratulations! Really great deal abt flight!
BTW, if you have a while in Vienna - you can have delicious Viennise expirience by the way to Russia.
Moscow and St Petersburg - both are very interesting and valiable.
They are different abt their character:
Moscow is more intensive, mixed about kinds of ppl living n staying there, little bit naughty. As well Moscow has lot of signs to see, interesting museums and exhibitions, active night-life, etc. You sure cant miss Red Square and Kremlin (also inside), St Vasilii church (just at opposite corner of the Red Square), The Moscow-river, Manege (the great exhibition hall), Bolshoi Theatre (!) but there are so much more that all depends how long could you stay…
Be ready that it’s expensive too, even in compare to Europe. (not bcause the service is better, just cause there are some ppl who could pay)
St Petersburg is colder (also weather and also ppl as well), more cultural and more royal, Great Peter (Peter I) built it impressed by Paris. Well, its not that alike Paris, but also beautiful. A lot of channels, Ermitage Museum (kind of Louvre Museum in Paris), beautiful palaces (also in the city and also near), various memories from Revolution and Soviet experience. Sure it’s not all…
May – fantastic time for visit. Should be warm and spring weather. Sometimes in May weather getting crazy there (especially in S. Petersburg) and could be pretty cold, so, be equipped with good jacket and shoes.
May 1 (day of solidarity of workers) and May 9 (Victory Day) – supposed to be great celebrations, there are 2 very important holidays in Russia.

13. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

About Russian food. I’m sure that there is huge variety of restaurants there; also they have all kinds of Junk Food that you r familiar with. As I already mentioned, restaurants could be very expensive (and not always good, unfortunately). Try to check it up online and in Lonely planet, but I have a great (I think so) idea for you!
while you there try to contact local ppl (probably via your uncle or directly, when u staying in hostel) – I mean not gals in disco, but it could be a lady who works in hotel reception, or who-ever looks you good to ask about. The thing is that almost each Russian lady who has family n kids knows to cook much better that restaurant menu. And old ladies even better in it! If you success to get invitation to lunch/supper in their home – you win experience of real Russian food.
I guess you should pay for that, check up prices in restaurant, and try to pay ~same. Tell about payment at the beginning of conversation, when you “make a deal”.
If you want to success with this idea, except of look (clean and “home-look” of your cooker) you should be clear about payment (how much you want to pay) and about menu. The list of the best Russian food (well, it’s my personal opinion) below.
If you going to this “dinner at home” – will be nice to have a company, not that good to go alone to unknown place. I don’t want to scare you, but be normally careful about your pockets, money and documents.
Good luck and there are some tasty Russian meals with my “rating” (stars):

Well, not surprising, it’s Vodka. If you don’t drink/don’t want to drink there – you should mention it. If you want to drink – be sure that you drink quality product, not to get sick after. I suggest you to bring a bottle with you for your safety, but it’s pretty risky to drink with Russian ppl - lost competition ;-)

Russian Salad *** (= potato salad, usually with addition some sausage/meat, with mayonnaise)
Blini ***** (don’t know to explain, check in google pictures) – could come alone , could b stuffed with meat/ white cheese/ etc
Piroz’ki ***** (fried stuffed pastry) – again, check in google pictures

Borsch ***** (many vegetables, includes beet, usually based on meat boulion)
Rassolnik *** (meat-based soup with addition of salt cucumbers)
Solianka * (all together, personally I don’t like it.. very aesthetic)

Pelmeni (home-made!) ***** (pastry, stuffed with meat) or
Vareniki (home-made sure!) ***** - Ukrainian variation of pelmeni, adapted in Russia
Various meats, cutlets served with potato or rice – could be fine but not surprising, so, you can find it in every place.
Pirog ***(same that pirogki, but big and cooked in oven) with fish/ meat/cabbage/ etc

Sweet Pirog (stuffed pastry)
Sharlotka (Russian “apple strudel”)
What ever…

Bon appetite

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