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I've recently started on the contraceptive injection rather than being on the pill, so that i dont have periods while im away or have to remember to take the pill or worry about throwing it up when i get ill.....the nurse who gave me the first jab said i'd have no problem getting it in south america but second nurse seemed dubious, so im a bit worried now.

im travelling round south america, new zealand, singapore and thailand - does anyone have experience of getting the injection in these places? was it easy to get? how much did it cost? it's all very well asking nurses and doctors but i'd rather hear some first hand experience!! please help!

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I'm sure this will be too late for you now, but just in case anyone else needs the info.....

You can buy, and have administered, the injection in chemists in Brazil and Colombia - it's very quick, easy and cheap. Not sure about other countries but I think if you take with you the name (or better still the box it came in) from your home country you should be able to get it.


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A piece of gratuitous advice: get your hands on a doctor's prescription. Contraception is still somewhat of an under-the-counter treatment in many places in South America, especially in the country side, and as a rule, everything always gets easier if you can show an official-looking scrap of paper.

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I think by now she must be pregnant

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Quoting Utrecht

I think by now she must be pregnant

Might even have had it already